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Best opks out there? Clearblue fertility monitor?

tdrcmctdrcmc Posts: 28
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Which opks are best to use and are most accurate?

Is it worth buying a clear blue fertility monitor?

What day from AF do u recommend testing?

Funny how I ask all of this when I used to chart everything back then before I had my daughter!

Thanks everyone!!

:) Christine


  • TheMysticalOneTheMysticalOne Posts: 849 ✭✭
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    Clearblue Easy Digital Ovulation Tests (Smiley's) handsdown the best I've ever used. Actually recommended by the wonderful ladies on here when I started TTC. I've used the cheap ones before, the "sticks", and they just don't work for me. I never get a true positive on those. They're always so iffy. I would suggest using the smileys and you'll know for sure!

    I usually started testing around day 12 or 13 with the "good" tests. But then again, I usually didn't ovulate until CD 16 or so. I know some girls ovulate much earlier than that. Just depends on when you ovulate.

    Good luck!
  • earrefinnejearrefinnej Posts: 447
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    I have used the Fertility monitor and I like it - it does it's job, if you program it right. I blew it last time and programmed it at night instead of the morning and didn't realize it until too late! So now I bought the smiley's that everyone uses here and I haven't tried them yet. It sure is expensive, whatever you end up doing. I tried cheap ones and I had the same issue on reading the darkness of the lines. You've got to get your timing right, so I recommend investing in either the fertility monitor or the smileys.
  • mommylovemommylove Posts: 1,582
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    Clearblue digital OPK's (the ones with the smiley) are all I ever trusted and it obviously worked. :-)
    It depends on your cycle length overall when I would recommend beginning to test using OPK's...for example I have always had a super regular 28 day cycle and began testing on CD11/12 and usually expected my positive OPK (smiley) on CD14-16.

    Never used a monitor or anything else. I even stopped tracking BBT's well before we actually began actively TTC. I prefer the least stressful route and feel it was the best for my wife and I as this process alone is stressful enough. Good luck!
    October 2014


  • TrishlettesTrishlettes Posts: 674
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  • smartycat92smartycat92 Posts: 564
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    I will be the dissenting voice and say that I think the smileys are a waste of money and unnecessary. We got the internet cheapie OPKs from early-pregnancy-tests dot com. You can get 50 for a good price and they always throw in free pregnancy tests. I have just never found the lined tests to be difficult to read. We didn't like the cheapie Answer OPKs you can get at the drug store. We found those gave a different result than all other OPKs we used.

    We have the monitor and I feel it worked well, but it really didn't give us any info that the OPKs weren't already telling us.
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