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Home IUIers...a little something that worked well for me.

old mamaold mama Posts: 4,682
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My vials are only available in IUI form so despite the fact I have only had luck one time doing an IUI by myself I thought I would try again today. You read and hear about having a big O after you AI with your ICI vials but I had read if you O BEFORE you try your IUI that your cervix will be more open and make it easier to get the cath in...I will certify that YES that works nicely. Even when I had my HSG the dr. had a hard time getting the cath through but today...it worked great...so you might concider trying it if you are doing a IUI at home...Sorry about TMI...


  • sara291sara291 Posts: 1,042
    edited November -1
    That's interesting! I just have no clue when I O. Thinking 24 hours past. I only want to do 1 vial. After many tries with 2 when I was TTC & all neg I moved on to just one. It took but its such a shorter time frame that survive. Timing is so much more nerve wracking with just one try. Almost makes me want to try two vials :-(
  • MeetTheBrownsMeetTheBrowns Posts: 190
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    Hmm I had never heard that before. I wonder if I would feel awkward doing that before an in office IUI...lol

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  • earrefinnejearrefinnej Posts: 447
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    Just to confirm... O means orgasm vs. Ovulation. Is that right? Could easily be confused.
  • shauna2710shauna2710 Posts: 769
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    Lol my DH joked about givin me the big O while I was propped up on the table at my REs office. That was awkward
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  • old mamaold mama Posts: 4,682
    edited November -1
    Yes...I was trying to be nice...O does mean orgasm...not an easy thing early in the morning but where there's a will there is a way...by the way I read about this from a book a fertility clinic wrote...if their drs. have problems getting caths in they step out and leave their patients/partners to it and come back in after an orgasm! I know for sure the swimmers made it in as I cramped a bit later...
  • TheMFamilyTheMFamily Posts: 255
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    ^LOL that would be SO awkward. I would demand the lights be off when doc came in lol headlamps only! :lol: We will definitely do this ;)
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