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Shipping the dewar

emilyvalliesemilyvallies Posts: 1
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When you live in the same town as the Cryobank- is there any possibility of the shipment coming the same day it’s sent out? I’m freaking out a bit because I’m ovulating a week early! Any help or suggestions are appreciated :)


  • New-mama?New-mama? Posts: 593
    edited November -1
    It would depend on how busy they are and the time you order. I live 3-4 hrs away if I ordered early before noon, I would get it the next morning. If you live so close is there anyway you can just pick up your sample? I don’t think it gives you an option on the site but I seem to remember some people mentioning they picked up samples at the cryobank. Call them it doesn’t hurt to ask.
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  • old mamaold mama Posts: 4,682
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    I don't know what their policy is now but they used to let clients pick up their dewars. I'd give them a call.
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