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On to cycle 2

brittanyvenzkebrittanyvenzke Posts: 6
edited November -1 in Trying to Conceive
My wife and I just tried our first cycle and unfortunately it didn't work as I got my period this morning (boo). We inseminated about 12 days ago on 4/4. This was our first time trying and it's very disappointing. I told myself from the beginning to not get my hopes up to much as I know getting pregnant on the 1st try is not always the case and it takes time. Still doesn't make the disappointment any less.

Our first cycle we only did 1 vial and that was with donor 241R. I tested in the morning and got a blinking smiley face and then I test in the afternoon again and got a static smiley face around 4pm on Tuesday and then we inseminated around 7pm on Wed, so it was about 30 hours. Does anyone think this may be to long and I should have inseminated sooner?

This next time around we are ordering 2 vials, and I was considering doing 12 and 24 hours hours. As well as switching donors, because I have read some poor "reviews" on donor 241R.

Any tips, suggestions, similar stories or words of encouragement regarding our experience thus far. :)


  • myoung96myoung96 Posts: 22
    edited November -1
    Good luck on the next cycle! We’re also on cycle two but in the TWW so I’ll know it my timing was better this time around by the weekend. The first time we did three vials likely all too early. I o’d later than expected and didn’t trust the opk’s. This time, I was patient and did roughly 18 and 36 hours after positive opk. Don’t get too discouraged, I was way too confident the first time around and got so depressed when it didn’t work. We’ll get there! :)
  • 2HopefulMommies2HopefulMommies Posts: 171
    edited November -1
    Have you been charting and tracking your CM? Everyone is different (specifically in the amount of time they have between "peak" and ovulation). I think 12/24 is a popular timing because it spreads it out and should cover most of the time that you could ovulate. It hasn't work for us yet, but we've been tweaking the times as well based on O-signs. We are on our 4th cycle. Just switched donors this time and placed our order this morning to be delivered on Friday.

    Best of luck to you. Don't get discouraged. I remember how much I told myself the 1st cycle wouldn't work, but how much I had accidentally gotten my hopes up anyway - thinking we would be lucky and it would happen on the first attempt. Some months you will be more hopeful than others, just keep your head up.
  • brittanyvenzkebrittanyvenzke Posts: 6
    edited November -1
    This may be a dumb question, but what does CM stand for? lol
  • myoung96myoung96 Posts: 22
    edited November -1
    Not dumb at all! It just means cervical mucus. Most women have egg white cervical mucus right before ovulation. It helps to nail down the timing when used with ovulation predictor tests and tracking your temperature.
  • brittanyvenzkebrittanyvenzke Posts: 6
    edited November -1
    Prior to starting cycle 2 I decided to go in and talk to my OBGYN about fertility testing just to get that out of the way before investing any money into buying sperm.

    I was super nervous but my doctor is literally the nicest human being ever. He ordered a pelvic ultrasound to make sure my cervix and uterus were clear. Well it turns out I have a small mass (fibroid) blocking something so that is a likely indicator on why I may have not gotten pregnant the first time my wife and I inseminated. Im scheduled for surgery next Thursday. Doctor says it a quick 10 minute thing and I'll be in and out in no time. No hospital restrictions. After that we are going to do the FSH and AMH test along with another test.

    Although I was disappointed to hear I have this mass thing, I am glad to have went in and found out prior to continuing to buy sperm and try. Hopefully after its taken care of we can continue our journey to get pregnant.

    Has anyone else had any tests done for fertility?
  • mestradamestrada Posts: 24
    edited November -1
    @myoung96 did you use donor 241R?
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