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  • natumnatum Posts: 1
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    Hi everyone! My name is Natalie, my husband and I have been TTC for a year now, he is transgender so we have to go through a sperm bank to have any children naturally. I am 30 and haven't had any issues with fertility that I know of and have regular periods every month. We have tried 3 times from different donors all from NW. Our second time we got a BFP but unfortunately had a miscarriage. Coming here pretty soon we will try for our 4th time and hope that this one is the time.
  • Admin_NicoleAdmin_Nicole Posts: 3 admin

    @natum Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Hope that you're doing well. Keep us posted on your journey.

  • Akell6914Akell6914 Posts: 5

    .Hello, my name is Allie and I have a wonderful wife named Samantha. I just gave birth by C-Section in December 2019. We tried for many years with the same donor, and after suffering a miscarriage in 2016, I finally got pregnant April 2019. I am looking for siblings for my daughter. We used donor 241R. I attached a picture of my beautiful baby. Sorry that it is so big!!

  • carebear8741carebear8741 Posts: 2

    Hello Everyone! My name is TY. I am a Christian & a straight 28 yr old female. I am a Senior Technical Adviser over Computers. Just bought an IUI Vial from Donor 6599 for an At Home insemination (he didn't have any ICI Vials available). I am looking to have my first child however have no current prospects of a boyfriend/husband in the near future. I have been thinking about this for a few years now & finally decided to do it. I would love to do the insemination in May or September of this year. I do not have regular periods & it has been mentioned I may have PCOS. I have been tracking my fertility via Ferning & LH hormones. I do Fern however have never got a positive LH reading as of yet. Just bought a Basal thermometer yesterday and waiting for it to come in the mail. I am just so nervous because this cost a bit of money & what if it doesn't work out. I know I can always try again however I am still nervous. Just thought I'd pop in here & say Hi & tell my story.

  • hi- my name is Shannon. I’ve been waiting for Mr. Right for far to long. I’ve thought about at home insemination for many years...now I’m over 40 and my dr said if I want to be a Mom then I’ve got to do it soon. I haven’t had a period in many years so she’s prescribed medroxypr ac to try and regulate my period. Fingers crossed that this works!

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