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Donor 4117

Has anyone had any successful pregnancies with donor 4117.. First time trying iui at home!!


  • Nicole21Nicole21 Posts: 8

    We got our first smiley opk going to do iui 12 hours from now.

  • ashley755ashley755 Posts: 6

    Any luck?? This donor was in my top 2 choices

  • Nicole21Nicole21 Posts: 8

    We are not pregnant this round :( done two iui’s this round and it didn’t take. We got pregnant first try with our last son but it was fresh sperm known donor... good luck

  • ashley755ashley755 Posts: 6

    You too:)

  • GinaN0MartinGinaN0Martin Posts: 2

    I Had An IUI Procedure With Donor 4117 January 2020. Sperm Count Was Extremely Low With Both Vials Purchased. I Wish My Clinic Didn't Mix The Vials Together So That I Could Return Them, They Were Mixed And Got A Mot of 12 Million And Still Was Unsuccessful With Conceiving. I Plan To Try Again With A Different Donor.

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