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Donor 877 IUI vials for sale

I have 9 vials for donor 877 available. They were all purchased together and have been in storage since we purchased them. I am open to discussion on price but would like the purchaser to pay the transfer fee.

Please let me know if you have any questions or are interested.


  • mommabearmommabear Posts: 1

    Is this still available? Could I get more info about the donor since it’s not active anymore. Thank you

  • maygeepimaygeepi Posts: 3

    It is still available. He has brown eyes/red hair with positive pregnancies. We fell in love with how selfless he came through on his extended profile. He was always sold out when he was donating and we happened to scoop up his remaining vials when they were still in quarantine.

    Please email me directly and I can get you more info. [email protected]

  • oleliliesolelilies Posts: 41

    Hello, going to email to see if still available?

  • rrockwerrockwe Posts: 1

    If you would like to discuss the price of these sperm viles email me

    at [email protected] I have questions about the hair height age etc.

    Thank you.

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