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Donor 2244 Siblings??????

Since the donor sibling registry is down, I was wondering if anyone with babies from this donor would like to connect. We had a healthy baby girl from this donor on 9/14/19.


  • That’s super close to the due date for our boy (same donor) but he came a month early in August!

  • I have a wonderful baby boy from donor 2244. He will be a year old October 11!

  • tsmithtsmith Posts: 13

    aww congratulations @aparkinson1083 my baby girl just turned 1 a couple of weeks ago on September 14th

  • 11lindseya11lindseya Posts: 4

    I also have *babies from donor 2244. Twins, a baby girl and a baby boy were born August 2020. I would love to connect with you. My boy baby is WAAAY bigger then his sister. Where are your littles on the growth charts? lol - I'm a little concerned about the height of our donor :)

  • aparkinson1083aparkinson1083 Posts: 19

    Hello! I'd also like to connect with anyone who has had a baby with donor 2244. My son is in the 98th percentile height wise. He was 38.9 inches at his 18 month doctors appointment lol. He's a very active wild child.

  • 11lindseya11lindseya Posts: 4

    aparkinson1083 - My twins started out on the preemie chart at just over 4 lbs. At their 9 month check the girl was in the 54th for height and my boy (who wears size 24 months) was at 96th for height! I have one lover and one sassy/wild child :) Both look alot like momma though - not sure what features they got from the donor lol... Other then height. Would you want to connect via email? I don't know anyone else who has a child by donor and it might be of benefit for us to be acquainted later in life. Please let me know

  • aparkinson1083aparkinson1083 Posts: 19

    Oh wow!! That's such a huge difference in such a short time!! My son also looks alot like me, aside from height I can't see any of the donor in him at all lol. Sure that would be great! My email address is [email protected]

  • aimsterluvaimsterluv Posts: 3

    I’d love to connect. My guy just turned 18 months on the 30th of June. He has an appointment in July but our last one he was 98% for height and greater that 99% for weight.

  • 11lindseya11lindseya Posts: 4

    aimsterluv email me! [email protected] :)

  • tsmithtsmith Posts: 13

    Hi guys 👋🏾. I am just seeing all of this.@11lindseya congrats on the twins and welcome to the family lol. I would love to connect with you guys via email if you don't mind. Maybe we can all start a chain email to keep in touch. It's very nice to know that another girl has come about. Last time I checked my girl was the only one out of the 4 donor siblings I know of. She is definitely tall for her age so I think the height comes from donor lol

    Email: [email protected]

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