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Alternative medicine - what have you tried?

jes1014jes1014 Posts: 32
edited February 2011 in Trying to Conceive
I'm just curious what people have tried as far as alternative medicine, supplements, etc.
I've been taking B6 to lengthen my luteal phase
I've been seeing an acupuncturist who specializes in infertility
I've been meditating
I've been taking a big scoop of royal jelly as part of my morning "green shake" (spinach, soy milk, banana)
I ate pineapple and core for five days post O

What have you been trying?

ETA: there's something about feet that someone did a few months ago but I can't remember what it is. You can only do it between your period and O. Anyone know what it was?


  • minnie0672minnie0672 Posts: 1,264
    edited November -1
    I'm a big fan of acupuncture. I did it with my past 2 cycles and while I haven't gotten my BFP yet I definitely am responding better. If this doesn't work this cycle I'm going to take DHEA next cycle.
    6 IUI's resulting in BFN. 7th IUI was the fun one with pregnant...then not...then ectopic at 7 weeks...IVF #1 - miscarriage...IVF #2 miscarriage 5w6d...IVF #3 cancelled due to not growing embryos and pneumonia...IVF# 4 same old story...BFP then miscarriage...this is getting old...onto possibly Donor Egg or Donor Embryo
  • GoobieGoobie Posts: 3,515
    edited November -1
    I take prenatals, B6, collodial silver, extra c and d vitamins, baby asprin. And *try* to eat as healthy as possible. Also have been avoiding peppermint tea cuz I read that might be bad, and I sleep with fertility chams both on my body and under my mattress, as well as fertility prayers posted around the bed... talk about alternative, Tim decked me out in Wiccan stuff this cycle!

    Need to update a ticker, Silas Anthony Jordon born Oct 11, 2013. 6th baby, so much love!
  • indigoscotindigoscot Posts: 246
    edited November -1
    baby aspirin
    maca root
    ume plum balls
    massage and reiki
    pineapple + core post ovulation
    b12 and folic acid (for dp's b vitamin absorbtion issue)
    no caffeine (for the same reason as above)
    lots of water

    if we had time, dp would add in yoga.

  • old mamaold mama Posts: 4,682
    edited November -1
    I started the program in the book Fertility Foods. It's basically about eating equal amts of proteins and carbs and exercise. When I read about women that are insulin resistant-which can cause fertility problems and miscarriages I feel I fit it 100%. I promiced myself it I can stick to it that I will try again for a couple cycles.
  • KTZKTZ Posts: 1,240
    edited November -1
    I am taking Omega 3's
    Folic acid
    lots of water
    acupressure/massage (luckily my partner and I are both massage therapists, otherwise I couldn't afford it)

    My doctor says that soy milk is not a great option for fertility. Soy is a xeno-estrogen and it effects the body's ability to produce it's own estrogen naturally.
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