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Prometrium question

BabyBugsArrivalBabyBugsArrival Posts: 523
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Had my IUI yesterday afternoon with doc. Went well, although I did have quite heavy cramping and a little bleeding. I told him I've been concerned about my progesterone levels every cycle and he said they are on the low side and gave me the option of taking Prometrium, starting in a couple days. Just wondered what to expect? I had some major moodiness with Provera, of course it was right around time for AF, so I chalked it up to that. A pregnant friend of mine was on Prometrium for her first trimester and she had a lot of dizziness. I don't know if my dose will be as high as hers though. Dr said it will not delay AF if I'm not pregnant, but I've always heard otherwise. Anyone have any advice or experience?


  • indigoscotindigoscot Posts: 246
    edited November -1
    it will mimic the symptoms of pregnancy, so basically you have to discount every twinge or high temp or anything because it could be that.

    i wasn't dizzy when i took it...just had the yucky after effects of having to insert it into my vjj.

  • nicandkatnicandkat Posts: 9
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    It gave me loose bowels (sorry tmi)
    Brayden's Mommy
  • counsel13counsel13 Posts: 10
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    I have nausea and headaches with it
  • BabyBugsArrivalBabyBugsArrival Posts: 523
    edited November -1
    Ohhh, great, DP will be thrilled to hear that. HAHA

    Provera messed with me quite a bit, but I decided it was probably more just me waiting for AF to show up after a failed cycle than the meds making me angry. At least I have something else to blame it on now (;
  • edited November -1
    I took Prometrium every cycle - and when PG I took it the entire first trimester.

    When not preggo it does mimick pregnancy symptoms So that makes it a little tough. But other wise I don't think that I had any issues with it
  • emn'saremn'sar Posts: 393
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    no advice i just wanted to say GOOD LUCK GIRLS!!!
    Avery 2.5 years and Julian 4.5 months
  • BabyBugsArrivalBabyBugsArrival Posts: 523
    edited November -1
    Thanks emn'sar! Hoping to be joining you in BFP bliss in a couple weeks. Hope you're feeling well and enjoying these first few weeks - can't wait for updates on your pregnancy!
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