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Spotting and cycle confusion

GoSpudsGoSpuds Posts: 23
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Lots of questions for you old hands!

When is spotting an indication of implantation and when is spotting an indication of AF?

I'm all confused with my cycle at this point - this is the first month I've tracked it -
I usually think I'm on a 28 day cycle as AF usually starts on a Wednesday. My OPK+ was on CD 16. So I figured, hey maybe my cycle is longer than I thought.

I'm not on clomid. I had my progesterone checked last week at 7DPI and my level was 20.1. Which sounds like a normal level?

Today is CD 27. 10 DPI. Last night had some small semi-dried spotting. This morning was a little more (dark burgundy/brown in color). Does this mean I'm out this month or has this happened to people who get a BFP?

Thanks everyone!

edit: on top of all this, I feel nauseated today. Citrus smell makes me want to vomit. I do occasionally get nauseated during AF but that's usually when I'm severely crampy (which should be Wednesday if AF comes). I'm not cramping at all today. My body needs to stop being weird!
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  • old mamaold mama Posts: 4,682
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    Unfortunately the spotting and brown spotting could be either one. I have read indications of implantation and it is described just like that and I personally have brown spotting several days before AF hits full force. Hang In There I guess time will tell. I hope you have good news!
  • TheMysticalOneTheMysticalOne Posts: 849 ✭✭
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    I had a tiny (barely noticeable) DROP of pink blood at 6DPO. I think this was implantation. I had cramping/pressure around my abdomen for 4 days and THAT'S when I was convinced it was implantation. If you get bleeding later, more around your period time 13, 14, 15 DPO, then it's more likely your period. Good luck!
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