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Boston IUI doctor recommendation? (plus lotsa IUI questions)

redsoxgalredsoxgal Posts: 10
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Hello, I have done at home ICI three times. BFN each time. My partner got pregnant on the 1st try with this method and donor... (so I know it can work! :) ) but I am thinking maybe for me IUI might be the way to go. Maybe I have "hostile cervical mucus" or something... who knows. I am 38.
So just wondering if anyone has any recs for doctors to perform the IUI. I have names of some RE's but I am wary because they are associated with Boston IVF which I have HEARD tries to push anyone my age directly to IVF. I believe success can be had with IUI. And I don't have coverage nor funds for IVF at this time so that isn't really an option.
Also what is a trigger shot? Is that the same as clomid or something the doc gives you in conjunction?
I have taken one of those ovulation kits (first response brand) and it indicated no issue with my ovarian reserve. I experience a thermal shift and have regular periods so I believe I am ovulating. I have been using temps, CM monitoring, and the Ovacue to track my ovulation, but last month was my 1st month using OPK's. I got a positive the day after I (think) I ovulated... based on all the other signs. I have heard that for some women the OPK turns + after ovulation because the urine is the last place for the hormone to show up. But another reason I am interested in IUI is -I believe the doctors help you pinpoint the Ovulation more accurately. I think I know when it's happening but I guess only the ultrasound can tell for sure?
what is ultrasound monitoring like? (do you have to go in for LOTS of appointments?)


  • Shannon in MAShannon in MA Posts: 136
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    I don't know where you live but I'm seeing Dr. Weiss at FCNE (Fertility Centers of New England). I see him in the Westboro office but they have offices in Dedham and Reading also, Reading being the main office. I have nothing but GREAT things to say about the entire staff there. So far everyone has been wonderful. I'm going through IVF due to my husband's vasectomy but they do everything. The initial consult is free!
    The trigger shot is an HCG injection that "triggers" ovulation about 36 hours after its been administered. If the doctor does a fully monitored IUI then you will have to go in for u/s a few times...quick and easy.

    Edited to add: Before we started seeing Dr. Weiss we saw Dr. Pang at RSC New England and didn't like him AT ALL. He acted as if we were wasting his precious time by bothering him with a consult when we weren't sure if we wanted to use a donor or go through the process of retriving DH's sperm. The prices at FCNE are also a lot cheaper than RSC. We're paying for everything out of pocket so we had to consider all of our options.

    Good luck with everything!!

  • K&HK&H Posts: 3,368
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    We did a consult at RSC as well and weren't entirely sure we liked them. We also did the "info seminar" at Fenway and thought about going with them, but they didn't allow NW.
    In the end, we are most comfortable with the midwives at Cambridge Birth Center. (if you go there, pm me before and we can chat about particular midwives as they will ask you when you call if you have a preference.) they do all female health stuff, not just fertility. However, Fenway might be a great place for both you and your partner for pcp and general health stuff (that's where we go).
  • 2momsfulloflove2momsfulloflove Posts: 396
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    I conceived my first using Baystate Reproductive Medicine in Westboro. They've since left that location, but I loved working with them. They have an office in Springfield, but that's not convenient for me. For my second we used RSC (Dr. McShane), but it was incredibly expensive. I recently had a consultation with RSC and Dr. Pang. We did day 3 testing and HSG, but still planned on attempting insems at home. Felt a little like he felt like I was wasting his time since I was going to continue trying at home.
    I feel like RSC follows very strict practices... they do things X way and X way only... a monitored cycle is u/s monitoring, hormone monitoring and quite expensive. Totally worth the end result if you get pregnant, but still very expensive. Looks like there are quite a few Mass folks on here.
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  • 2moms2be2moms2be Posts: 226
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    Hey, I just wanted to say that I had the post coital test done, and have hostail CM, I am 35 and did 1 at home IUI and got PG :D So it possible. My partner did my IUI.
    Try#1 BFN Try#2 BFN Try#3 BFN Try#4 BFN Try#5 BFN Try#6 BFN Try#7 (after 8 months off) BFP!!! We are MOMS!
  • redsoxgalredsoxgal Posts: 10
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    thanks for all the info - I had seen RSC online, but never heard of FCNE. I had also heard of Cambridge Midwives but I wasn't sure exactly what they offer.
    I will PM you K&H for details.
  • minnie0672minnie0672 Posts: 1,264
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    I actually am a patient at Boston IVF. You just need to be firm with them that this is what you want to do. I was 38 when I started there and they were initially going to push IVF but I knew that 3 more tries with IUI and then IVF was covered in full for me so I went that route. If you have questions let me know. I've always been very pleased with the care I've received from them.
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  • HadleyHadley Posts: 97
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    Fenway Community Health as a lesbian/single women "Artificial Insemination" program.


    I would call Liz and see what options they would suggest for you. They are very low intervention and operate I think on a sliding scale. They are not going to suggest IVF ;)
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