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My lucky 10th Cycle BFP

lcgreylcgrey Posts: 197
edited November -1 in BFP Database
My successful cycle was my third medicated Doctor assisted cycle. I think what made a difference for me is I stopped micro managing my cycles. I kinda let myself not be so strict about my diet, I had some wine occasionally, and I started drinking a little coffee again (about 1/2 cup). This cycle also wasn't perfect. My Doctor over scheduled my CD 12 and I overslept and performed my trigger shot almost 4 hours late.

Here are some stats.
CD 4-7 100mg Clomid
CD 12 follicle scan. 3 follicles (21mm, 16.5mm, & 13mm).
CD 13 Trigger shot done at 3:50am
CD 15 IUI performed at 11:45am (32 hours after trigger).
Doctor used 1 vial of IUI formatted proceed by NW. Count was a little over 9 million. Hung out for 10 minuted propped up. When I got home I put in an Instead Cup for 12hours. Would have done it at Dr's office, but I forgot it.

Signs & Symptoms: Not many. I did feet very tired and felt a little cramping.
1 dpo start 100mg Progesterone Suppositories
10 dpo feeling more hungry then usual
11 dpo took an equate HPT and saw a faint positive.
14 dpo Blood test confirmed pregnancy.
Beta #1 123
Beta #2 scheduled for Monday

Daily Vitamins
Nature Made Prenatal + DHA
1000 mg Fish Oil
Vitamin E oil
Baby Aspirin

Notes: I started TTC in Dec '10. I did a lot of research on the boards, tracked my cycle for a year, and took a bunch of vitamins. Got a physical, and hormone level checked out from OB and was given the green light. I even went to a Naturopath. Using NW Donors & Known Donors, things weren't working out. After 4 times I went back to OB and requested additional support. Due to my age & regular cycles, I was told keep trying it just takes time. After 7 failed attempts I was finally referred to an RE. I ended up having a Uterine Fibroid that was blocking the right Fallopian tube. Once removed the passage way was clear to welcome baby. :)

I found this database helpful to me. I hope my info will help others too.
Dec '10 BFN, Feb '11 BFN, Apr '11 BFN, May '11 BFN, Oct '11 BFN, Nov '11 BFN, Dec '11 BFN. Hysteroscopy 1/23/12. RE Cycles: Mar'12 BFN, Apr'12 BFN, May'12 BFP..m/c lost 08/04/12. Jun '13 BFP. Baby Ellen arrived Mar 8, 2014

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