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Spotting for 5 full days before AF

earrefinnejearrefinnej Posts: 447
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Last month was my first insem and I really felt like it worked, with sensation in my tube and uterus, some queasiness and sensation in my uterus on one side, but then I started to spot about 5 days before AF was due, pretty significant spotting, but not AF. The last two cycles had light spotting for 5 days prior to AF, so I talked to my doctor and she gave me oral progesterone to take after O, which I did, but still the spotting. My temperature didn't drop like it did in the previous cycles. And then the spotting turned into AF and BFN.

I'm planning to try again this cycle and I'm wondering if anyone else has had spotting that was not impacted by progesterone or similar issues. It is definitely not normal for me to spot but my cycles have been normalizing since taking chaste tree and vitamin B. I have had cycles lasting up to 42 days in the last year, but now they are regularly 28-29 days.

I'm thinking of some other alternative therapies for addressing this - like acupuncture. Anyone have related experiences to share?


  • merilungmerilung Posts: 1,177
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    I would guess that it's just part of your cycle being altered/normalized by the chaste tree berry/vitex - I've very occasionally had spotting since beginning TTC. It's not the norm for me, and I have no issues with progesterone levels.
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