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Lucky Try #5

TheMysticalOneTheMysticalOne Posts: 850 ✭✭
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So after my miscarriage back in April, I've put off "offically" announcing my pregnancy on the BFP boards - just in case. But now that I'm at 11 weeks I feel more self assured that things are doing well and will hopefully continue that way until April of 2013, when I'm due (and beyond!!). I'm 25 and going to be a SMBC. I'm writing this for my own record, as well as others who may be interested.

Try #1 (July 2011) - I didn't ovulate - extremely long cycle.
Try #2 (Sept 2011)- Thought it was a fluke the first time, but the second time I didn't ovulate either. About a 50 day cycle. Never was doctor tested, but assumed it was stress.
Try #3 (Dec 2011) - First time I actually ovulated (yay!), but resulted in BFN
Try #4 - (Feb/Mar 2012) - So excited to announce my BFP at 17DPO, but sadly ended in a miscarriage around 7 weeks.
Try #5 - (July 2012) - BFP that will hopefully continue to stick!! 13DPO!!

This is what I did:

Been using Fertilty Friend to chart my cycles since 2010. I know my cycles very well and can pretty much tell when I'm going to ovulate. Getting to "learn" my body was the best thing I ever did!!

I didn't bother testing with cheap ovulation tests the cycle I got pregnant. They do not work well for me. I Invested soely in Clearblue Easy Digital Ovulation Tests (smileys), which work great for me! I knew right away when I was going to ovulate!!

I checked other "symptoms". I don't get a lot of change in my cm, but could notice just a slight change and could tell that ovulation would probably happen within a few days for me. Not my most reliable symptom though. Have to go by OPK's to know for sure!!

This cycle I thought for SURE I was going to miss ovulation. I usually ovulate around CD 15-16, sometimes even as late as 17. Never, EVER had I ovulated so late before. At CD 21, the day before my tank was due back, I finally ovulated!! Still thanking God for that!! I got my smiley that morning and knew I would do my insem before the 24 hour mark, which is what I did with my previous pregnancy. I did my two inseminations at the 12 and 18 mark and success!!

What I used:
Baby Oral Syringe
Instead Cup

I always wait until I feel some cramping from ovulation. As SOON as I feel those flicker of cramps I'll do an insem. I've done this with both pregnancies and it WORKS! When I do my insem's I use a regular baby oral syringe. I also use the lubricant preseed, which I SWEAR by!! It works great! I let the vials defrost for a few minutes and then pour the vial and the preseed into the syringe. It's difficult to get it in and anything that leaks out I let fall onto the instead cup, underneath it. I smear a little preseed onto the syringe (it's a pretty big one) and then lie on my back with my hips up in the air to do the actual insemination. I'll hang out for a little bit to let it seep in, usually about 5-10 minutes before putting in the instead cup. I put more preseed into the cup too. I was pretty much swimming with preseed. LOL!

I keep my hips up for a good hour to two hours, depending on how long I feel like laying there. I figure the longer the better!! By chance, I've happened to do all of my insem's at night. I think I ovulate closer to the evening, so I just leave the instead cup in all night and take it out in the morning. I repeated those steps 6 hours later, very early the following morning.

I forgot to list symptoms up to my BFP. My most obvious symptom was lots of unusual bloating (feeling sooo full all the time) and gas!! Had those symptoms starting around 6 or 7 DPO. Got my BFP at 13DPO, nice and clear, on FRER!

I'm so happy to announce this pregnancy after trying for a year!! I only hope that things continue to progress well and I'll be on my way to a happy and healthy bouncing baby soon!


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    griesskgriessk Posts: 156
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    I'm a SMBC also and will do my first ever home insem next week!! So excited!! Have one vial coming and nervous about the timing. I'm 33. Congrats to you!!
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