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First Appointment

Jen727BFJen727BF Posts: 2,304
edited September 2012 in Pregnancy and Babies
So we just got back from our first appointment with the midwife. She works in the office with OBGYNS, so I'd say she is more middle of the road (if that makes sense). We told her what an awful experience we had with the first ultrasound we had done at a clinic and that we've been worried sick every since. She said, no problem, I'll have them do an ultrasound on you right now. And they did! It was AMAZING! We got to see the heartbeat, at 183 (didn't get to hear it but I'm satisfied for now). The baby was moving arms and legs all around. It was so cool and what a sigh of relief! I had to fight back the tears. We are on cloud 9 now!

S/he measured at 9w2d, which is one day behind - so nothing to worry about (yay!).

Here is a pic:

TTC No. 2 since Aug. 2014; IVF #1 - Cxld; IVF #2 - BFN


  • TTC.JuneBugTTC.JuneBug Posts: 188
    edited November -1
    Awww look at the wuddle baby!!! Precious! :)
    Warm feet, warm uterus..
    Hoping to have baby Kai in my arms soon!
    08/12-BFN KD
    12/12-BFN KD
  • smartycat92smartycat92 Posts: 564
    edited November -1
    Awesome! Glad your midwife was able to ease your minds. Congrats on an active, healthy looking bean!
    . 0vthk9cno.png
  • summerfunsummerfun Posts: 511
    edited November -1
    It is so tiny and cute! Glad you got to see the baby.
  • Jen727BFJen727BF Posts: 2,304
    edited November -1
    Thank you all :) I'm still in surreal land :)
    TTC No. 2 since Aug. 2014; IVF #1 - Cxld; IVF #2 - BFN
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