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Anyone using or used Donor 4709??

JnA42311JnA42311 Posts: 4
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Hey Everyone! My name is Amanda and my partner's name is Jessica. This is our first post on here, and just trying to figure it all out, so hopefully we are posting in the right place. :) We have tried in the past to conceive from home, but no luck, so we have decided to work with a doctor to help us. We are just interested in reading and hearing about other people's journeys, and also interested to see if anyone has used Donor 4709. We hope to get to know some of you through this process!


  • MelandTara01MelandTara01 Posts: 557
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    Welcome Amanda and Jessica,

    I'm very new here too so I know what you are thinking right about now. All the million and one questions you both probably have. My partner and I spent a few months on this website searching donors. When we finally narrowed it down to two we registered to use the forum. I had posted on several different "stickies" (I think that's what is referred to in here) to ask about those two donors. You will not get the answers you are looking for. I got very generic answers. I'm thankful to have gotten some responses. We were hoping to find pictures of the offspring of the donors that we narrowed it down to but understandably everyone for the most part was reserved about what they say. We realized that this is very personal and anyone can just log on and register and try to find out who used what donor and so forth. Plus the saying that I've heard a lot is that if it "gets out" that a specific donor is potent or desired that the viles fly off the shelf. So I completely understand the reservations some have. However, I was able to piece together a few people that have used the same donors that we have it narrowed down too. We just purchased the extended profile of one of the two. So hopefully that will make us feel a little more comfortable about our decision. Good luck on your journey! I hope I was able to help you out. I know I sat in front of my computer waiting for someone to respond. I suggest you check out the abbreviations sticky...I was so confused when I first started. I saved the abbreviations to a word doc. Every time I was reading something I had to continuously refer back to it....The lingo is definitely something to get used to.

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  • JnA42311JnA42311 Posts: 4
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    Thanks so much for the response. We can understand the reason why people would want to be so private about this, and can respect that as well but we do appreciate your response to our post and the helpful information :) And yes, the lingo is a little confusing! But again, thanks for responding!
  • kdarbykdarby Posts: 66
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    If you do a search you should find someone that had a BFP with that donor.
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  • carsarcarsar Posts: 4
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    I used him for my first at home insemination back in April, two vials, then I moved to another donor for the next 2 cycles. Trying again this month with my first Dr assted IUI and wanted to go back to him but he didn't have any IUI vials available when I called.

    I read on a thread once that he looks like an Actor Jason Statham.
  • MeetTheBrownsMeetTheBrowns Posts: 190
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    We had selected him, but were not able to use him because his vials were not available when we needed to use him. We have since moved on to another donor.

    I think i remember someone posting a BFP on here with him. FX'd that you get one too!

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