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A little confused, slightly panicked, almost ready - final advice

tyababyhopestyababyhopes Posts: 113
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Hi Everyone,

I'm slightly panicked b/c I just found out my insurance doesn't cover as much as I thought. So, my doctor is doing my ultrasound but I have to do the actual insemination by myself (don't have a dh/dp). I've been following the forum for a few months so I've read a ton and I think I'm almost ready to do this.

I'm doing an IVI/ICI. Meaning, I just plan to use the syringe to get as close to my cervix as possible without using a catheter to insert directly into the cervix. Then, I'll use an Instead cup as a backup...ha ha, no pun intended. Here's where I'm getting myself confused. I've been charting as best as I can. My schedule can be crazy so I won't say that my morning temps are seriously reliable given how fickle that process is. However, I've noticed that on either day 11 or 12 or 13 I get a dip, then it goes up and then on day 17 or 18 I get another dip and then the temp goes up for the rest of the month. This has happened almost every month for quite a while.

I started using ovulation tests (the ones from Amazon) and it gives me a positive on days 16/17. I was doing all of this as a backup plan and I haven't shown this stuff to the doctor (which I will on next visit). I'm insemming this month if everything goes as planned and my doctor has already given me the clomid (for days 5-9) and the trigger shot (which I'll take to the ultrasound with me). I am definitely going to start using the tests every few hours starting on day 12. I really wish I had been doing this all along. Those online kits are inexpensive enough (compared to the cost of everything else).

I was due to start CD 1 yesterday (it's CD 29 now) and I'm still waiting...maybe it's stress...I'm definitely not pregnant (I need a partner for that).

So, here are my questions:

1. When am I actually ovulating? Is it day 14/15 or day 18? I'm so confused now. How does the trigger shot affect this? Maybe I don't need to worry about this since I'm doing the shot.

2. I'm supposed to make my ultrasound CD 12 appointment as soon as start CD 1. Now, I'm wondering if I should chance it and make the appointment for day 13 or 14. Suggestions?

3. Is Preseed the only safe lubricant? What about those others that say water-based and gentle? Can I use one of them?

Thanks in advance for any advice/tips/help.
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  • scorpiogrl7scorpiogrl7 Posts: 1,386
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    1. If you're doing an ultrasound andtrigger shot, you will time your insemination off the trigger shot so you don't need to temp or use opk's really once you go to medicated cycles with monitoring and trigger.

    2. If you're supposed to have ultrasound on CD 12, make it for CD 12. You don't want to make it too late and ovulate on your own before you can do the trigger.

    3. Pressed or a lube called Conceive are the only non-spermicidal lubricants as far as I know.
  • aplusaaplusa Posts: 1,919
    edited November -1
    1 + 2) I'd say you are likely ovulating on CD 17 or 18 given your temp rise and the positive OPKs you get then. Likely, when you go in on the CD 11, your doctor will see your particular body is not ready just yet for the trigger shot and have you come back. However, you never know what your body may do on Clomid. It may push up your ovulation. The great thing about doing everything but the actual insemination through the doctor is that you get u/s to show you where your follicles are. Then, when ready, you'll get the trigger shot and your little follicles will pop right on time - usually 36-39 hours later. So I would stick to the CD 12 monitoring. If its way too early a cycle or two in a row, consider pushing it back then. However, for me, my ovulation kept creeping up each medicated cycle I did by days!

    3) there are a few sperm friendly lubes. You just want to find one of them. They are usually by the pregnancy and ovulation tests in the drug stores. I believe all Walgreens carry Pre-Seed.
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