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Progesterone and bleeding

tyababyhopestyababyhopes Posts: 113
edited November -1 in Trying to Conceive
This cycle I started progesterone and I go on Monday morning (tomorrow) for a blood test to see if I'm pregnant. I've been getting negative urine tests so I wasn't holding out much hope for the blood test. Now, I've started bleeding today. I didn't think I was supposed to start AF while still on the progesterone. It's alternating between light spotting and light flow.

On Friday I had to get a refill on the progesterone from a pharmacy I've never used. They messed up the order and then told me they'd deliver it on Saturday because they make it in house and it requires an overnight process. When I asked the pharmacist if it was a problem to suddenly skip a day of progesterone he says, "Well, yeah but its not that bad. It's not like you'll miss 2 or 3 days." A few hours later I get a call from the delivery driver saying he's out front and could I come to the car and pick it up. What? How did they make it that fast? I asked the driver and he suggested I refrigerate it and not use it until the next day. Fortunately, I had one dose left so I didn't HAVE to use this new batch. I used the new batch last night and I woke up bleeding this morning. My uterus is really achy.

I've been struggling this whole cycle with trying to be positive or hopeful. Now, this just kills me. Plus, I'll go to the doctor tomorrow just to hear more bad news. TTC sucks royally.
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