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IUI/Conception Questions....Help Please

cheyangel19cheyangel19 Posts: 44
edited November -1 in Pregnancy and Babies
I just did my first IUI at home & had a question. I actually did 3 inseminations over 3 days, the last was at 9:30Am on 10/14/14. I checked my cervix & CM again today and was just curious, what does CM look like just after conception?

I know it is way too early to tell for sure if any of the IUIs worked, but I have also been having some strange pregnancy-like symptoms. (Bloating, nausea, horrible back aches, mild cramping, and headaches the last two days.) If the IUIs worked I couldnt possibly be more than 2 days pregnant. I am sure it is just a reaction to my hormones (though I did NOT take any trigger hormones before Insemination) or it is all in my head. But I have read online where women swear they knew they were pregnant within a day of conception. (Though I think that sounds a little hard to believe.) What was the earliest you started feeling symptoms or just KNEW you were pregnant?

Anyway, I was just curious what I should start watching for. I am only 1 day past my last insemination, so I have a way to go on my TTW & it's making me crazy already!!! LOL.



  • syoung0204syoung0204 Posts: 504
    edited November -1
    We thought we were pregnant ever cycle except the cycle we actually were pregnant. It was the 5th cycle and by that time we lost the newb excitement and accepted that this may take awhile.

    It wasn't until a few days before DW was suppose to start that we suspected something because her sense of smell got stronger and her pre-AF spotting stopped, which never happens. But it still wasn't until the day AF was suppose to show and didn't, not even spotting, that we decided to test.

    BUT there are plenty of people who get lucky on the first try! So enjoy this stage and be as optimistic as possible because you really never know until you know!
  • cheyangel19cheyangel19 Posts: 44
    edited November -1
    Congratulations! I know it is likely to take a while. Especially since I am still getting the hang of things. But seeing posts on here daily from users who stuck with it and finally got pregnant brings such hope! I wish you guys luck!

  • ttcmakes3ttcmakes3 Posts: 48
    edited November -1
    DW is 15w3d & got our BFP w/ IUI. I'm not sure what CM looked like after insemination, but I know our timing was spot on @ 26hrs past +opk. DW kept in a cup every time after IUI for about an hour. Hope this helps!
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  • babybabybabybaby Posts: 1,564
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    my first daughter was conceived naturally. i wasn't trying and i wasn't not trying, so it wasn't like i was really looking out for symptoms. at what i estimated to be about 15 days after ovulation, i woke up in the morning feeling queasy. it was unlike any other queasy i had felt before. smells were more intense. the usual orange i ate for breakfast smelled 100 times more intense. the hard-boiled egg i always ate for breakfast suddenly made me gag. yet i didn't feel sick in a flu kind of way. i sensed something was up, so after i got off of work, i stopped by a dollar store and picked up a cheapie pregnancy test. i tested, and it didn't show up at first. i decided to look at the test again, and voila! two stripes. i then freaked the hell out. lol. (it was everything i'd ever wanted, but still. . . wasn't expecting it at all.)

    with my youngest daughter, i was trying, so i tested at 5:30 a.m. at 11 d.p.o. on one of my ovulation predictor tests because i just couldn't wait to go to the store the next day for a pregnancy test. it came up positive, but it would be another several weeks before i had anything that really resembled pregnancy symptoms. i mean, nothing in the way of sore boobs or tiredness or nausea or anything.

    i think it's different with each pregnancy, but i can't imagine that you would be feeling anything yet.

    fingers crossed for your BFP. :)
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