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Timing after opk

serenachancey19serenachancey19 Posts: 6
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This is my very first time posting on this forum. I have been ttc for one month. Last month I used 2 vials and inseminated at the very moment of my positive opk and then about 20 hours after. I did not get my bfp. I started temping this month and I'm finding that my pre ovulation temps are fluctuating quite a bit, and sometimes in the 98 or higher region. So, I don't know how much help bbt is going to be. I also am monitoring my cm this month as well. I am 23 years old and have been reading a lot of information all over the internet and am finding that younger women usually ovulate later past opk. Looking back I think maybe I inseminated way too early. I am doing at home IVI. My question I guess would be that as a healthy 23 year old, does inseminating at 24 and 36 hours after opk sound more plausible? Thank you so much for any advice!


  • alp75alp75 Posts: 340
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    Even though I'm much older, I have learned that I ovulate much later at around 36 or more. I'm not sure age has much of a factor. Do you have O pains or ewcm? I would go by secondary signs if not temping and look for the ewcm and SHOW to help determine. (SOFT . HIGH. OPEN. AND WET.)
  • serenachancey19serenachancey19 Posts: 6
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    2 days after my opk I had cramping. I thought/think that it was because of the sperm, but it could have been ovulation cramps. I also noticed a lot cm, but not sure if it was ewcm. I just thought that it was the pre seed or sperm or something, but again thinking back could it have been ovulation? That would of made it 48 hours after opk, which is what fertility friend predicted as my actual ovulation date. Would 48 hours be too late? And if it was ovulation when would insemination be ideal?
  • diane&tammydiane&tammy Posts: 1,467
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    I'm 35 and always got my surge the morning after a +opk. My RE did an IUI at 24 hours past and it worked for me. Good luck! :D
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