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ICI vs. instead cup... 1 vial vs. 2?!

Livinglouder91Livinglouder91 Posts: 17
edited November -1 in Trying to Conceive
Hi everyone! So I am expecting AF with in the next day or so to start my first cycle of TTC. I have gone between Trying iui to 2 ici vials with the syringe or just an instead cup. I have been using OPKs and temping and know I ovulate right around 24 hrs past first positive opk. I have purchased 2 vials of ICI with intentions to use them both this first cycle but after reading at how little it improves chance of conception I am now considering just one each time and just using an instead cup vs the syringe option. I would love to hear everyone's opinions or personal attempts and sucess stories. How many vials per cycle did you use? If only one what time would yoy suggest? How many cycles til your BFP? Would you suggest the syringe or the instead cup or both? Any and all advise would be appreciated! Thank you :)


  • RedHeatherRedHeather Posts: 598
    edited November -1
    I had a diaphragm and some of the semen spilled off when I tried using it alone. For subsequent cycles, I used a syringe and then put the diaphragm in afterwards to keep the semen in longer. I never had any luck with my at-home tries, though, due to progesterone issues. I ultimately had success with my first medicated IUI.
  • tinydancertinydancer Posts: 1,210
    edited November -1
    I did the same as Red Heather. insert first with syringe then put instead cup in after for 10-12 hrs.
    I have progesterone issues as well and just start taking the pills orally at night starting about 3-4dpo.
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