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OPks and Shipping

alinalotusalinalotus Posts: 15
edited November -1 in Trying to Conceive
So, I vaguely remember using an OPK years ago when we were first TTC, but honestly seven years and one child later, it's all a blur lol. So my question is, how do you usually know when to order your vials? I know the vials are good for seven days in the tank, but do the OPKs give you an indication when you're getting closer or do they just go from nada to smiley?


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    FutureSMBCFutureSMBC Posts: 1,018
    edited November -1
    You should track with OPKs to know when in your LH surges. Since you usually ovulate 12-48 hours after the surge, you want to track a couple of cycles to predict when you will surge.
    I usually have my vials arrive 2-3 days before I know my opk will be positive.
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    b&kmakebabiesb&kmakebabies Posts: 818
    edited November -1
    My lines seem to get a little darker before being positive, so there is some indication, but you really can't go by the lines on the smiley ones (or so I hear). I supplement with the wondfo so I can watch the lines get darker. I'm trying out the advanced opks this month (the one with the flashy smileys) in hopes I'll have a suggestion that the smiley is coming. I've read online, though, that the flashing smileys could last a long time. Good luck whatever method you choose!

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    flashpackerflashpacker Posts: 363
    edited November -1
    I get a smiley before the lines on the smiley test are equal (test line is still obviously lighter than control) and then 12-24 hours later get a 'stronger' smiley with a dark line. All the days up until that I usually get 2 lines but one is pale. I've had a false smiley a week before I ovulated but when I get the real one it's usually a very dark line.
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