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Home IUI

mrs.olsenmrs.olsen Posts: 76
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I'm sure this has been answered before, but I can NEVER get the search function to work. If anyone wants to point me to other threads, I would appreciate it. Or, you know, feel free to answer here. :)

We're looking at doing a home IUI. We did one in our midwife's office and she assured us that we could safely and effectively do it at home. Of course, that was a year ago and now my brain is a bit fuzzy on the details.

Has anyone here done an IUI at home? How did that go for you? Also, at what point did you do the IUIs? I think with the midwife, we did it at like 12 hours past positive and 24 hours past? What have people done in the past? Has anyone done 3 vials of IUI in one cycle, or is 2 the standard answer?

Also -- I emailed nwcryobank about it, but probably won't get a response till next week so I thought I'd see if anyone here knew (I'm sure you do). I can get it shopped directly to our house, right? Do I need any paperwork from our doctor? Last time, we had our doctor fill out paperwork but last time, we had it shipped to the office.

I appreciate any responses!! :)
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    Mommy2016Mommy2016 Posts: 1,037
    edited November -1
    I did ICI for my first 3, and IUI on the last try. No baby yet though. :(

    I did mine at 24hrs past with one vial. I'd think 12 and 24 would cover a good window if you are using two vials. I know some people have used 3, but I can never seem to afford that many. I know you want it as close to the egg being released as possible, hopefully slightly before it is released. Monitoring your cycle for a couple of months can help with that.

    You can have it shipped to your home. NW is the only place I've found that does not require a doctor's authorization, which is awesome when you want to do it on your own with some privacy in the matter.

    Best of luck to you!
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    ljimpey86ljimpey86 Posts: 387
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    I did an IUI at home and got pregnant on the first try with that. Honestly my DH said it was easier for him to do an IUI then an ICI, go figure. Lol. It was really not that bad. It was my first IUI so I was a bit scared that it would hurt, but I didn't feel anything. I did the IUI 20 hours after positive opk. I did an ICI at 8 hours past positive opk and then the IUI at 20 hours past. If you are ordering from NW (and don't live in a state that you need a doctors permission they will Sui directly to yr house.
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