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I had a loss at 10 weeks and its was likely partial molar

tinydancertinydancer Posts: 1,210
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I get the results tomorrow. I have been waiting to say anything till I knew but Im swamped all week with stuff to get done so I may not come back to post. I had a super healthy baby it looks like but a very odd growth covering my cervix. I was really tired, out of breathe to where I was gasping and I could barely walk or stand long which is really off for me since I never had that with any pregnancies. I kept having alot of contractions and i had a cyst rupture ... I had a bleed on the ultrasound and after 5 weeks in bed, I felt like hell.
I started feeling crappy one day, I was already spotting but had a heartbeat going for 3 weeks and then realized I had contractions all day. by night I woke moaning and instead of stopping it with meds or magnesium, I let it happen. I delivered the baby at 4am, placenta at 5am and baby looks 13 weeks.
3 days later I got sick, shakes and dizzy and bled heavily till next day, and then passed a huge amount of bubbly coned tissue size of my hand. it was covering my cervix and growing down into it from the looks of how its formed. I have never grown extra tissue with any of my losses...

I got a horrid on call dr, who would not look at anything, test anything or even say sorry for your loss. I just got yelled at for refusing a d&c. I left. called around to new dr and got it tested and everything

I will try again. I do know now my thyroid was an issue with all my losses last yr. but likely not the cause this time since baby is big and fully formed but just had all this extra odd tissue that looks molar. my hcg was 5000 already last Thursday so I should be ok to try again as long as it s down to 0 and no tissue inside.

Im pissed and also happy to not have a medical issue on my hands for the next 7 months. I was scared the whole pregnancy that I would die and with a molar its very unsafe and usually you have to terminate :/

my donor is now gone so I have been trying to decide w such a small selection. not easy. but all I want is a healthy baby and a healthy me carrying the baby.


  • NJ081214NJ081214 Posts: 109
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    So sorry for your loss! I hope everything goes well for next time! Glad to here you are okay though!
    Good luck!
    Nikki & Jherica
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  • b&kmakebabiesb&kmakebabies Posts: 818
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    I'm so sorry.

    TTC from 06/2015...Baby M born 11/24/16!
  • ahk00ahk00 Posts: 1,420
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    Tiny I am so sorry. I am glad to hear that you are ok physically. Hoping that you can find a donor you love and go on to get a BFP w/ a successful pregnancy. Hugs.
    SMBC: TTC since 12/2014: 3 home attempts: 2 BFN & 1 chemical. 3 medicated Dr assisted IUI's: 2 BFN & 1 BFP (04/24/15) with twins in May (new donor) MC with D&C @ 9w. 4th IUI 09/17/15: BFN. 10/15: hsg good. 11/15: BFN. 01/16: BFN. 05/16: Embryos arrested. IVF failed 06/16: KD BFN 07/16: KD BFN 09/16: IUI #7 with donor sperm BFP-MC at 9w w/ D&C. 02/17: diagnosed with hetero compound MTHFR & clotting mutation. 03/09/17 IUI #8: chemical pregnancy. IUI #9: 04/19/17 BFN LOOKING FOR EMBRYO'S TO ADOPT
  • handsomecowboohandsomecowboo Posts: 284
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    How terrible for you! I'm sorry!
  • tinydancertinydancer Posts: 1,210
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    thanks everyone.
    I found a donor Im ok with by calling in today to hear counts and how many vials-so I will use him next try. I should really wait a month but I do not want a Dec or Jan due date baby so I need to try and then take a big break, which means I have less eggs and closer to menopause.

    the results yielded nothing. Im bummed. I have no reason for loss other than thyroid and too many contractions. Im pretty upset and crying often but what can I do. trying to look to the future vs sitting in sorrow. I know I can get pregnant... now I just need to stay pregnant.
  • che_aramiche_arami Posts: 787
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    so sorry tiny, but so glad you are ok physically. please keep us updated.
    got our miracle BFP on first IVF after 3 years TTC. DS born may 20, 2015 after emergency cesarean. all are doing well and trying to figure out this new journey!!
  • tinydancertinydancer Posts: 1,210
    edited February 2016
    thank you everyone. I hate being in this loss area... AGAIN.
    my hcg one week ago was 5500 ish. now its 278. so dropping fast. I can likely try next week. ovary shows a folly.
    Im afraid this try will be a bust so Im debating free donor vs NW but then use NW next month since I only have till March then I have to wait till May again.
    grr. its all sucky. just snap some fingers please and I wake at 12 weeks gestation :)
  • Mommy2016Mommy2016 Posts: 1,037
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    I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm glad you are healing, but such an awful experience.
    Luca Gabriel was born 10/25/17 at 34 weeks, due to PROM. He's healthy and perfect! I'm in love!
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  • tinydancertinydancer Posts: 1,210
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    absolutely awful. Im having a hard time not being weepy. its very random and Im triggered easily.
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