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Donor 133k free to good home.

lemondropslemondrops Posts: 9
edited November -1 in Trying to Conceive
I have 3 IUI Vials (that have never left nwcryo) of Donor 133k available for FREE but you pay the transfer fee. I need to get rid of ASAP.

I have not purchased any expanded profile or pics.
Here is his general profile:
General Information
Donor Code: 133K
Ethnic Origin: Dutch, English, Norwegian, Scandinavian, Swedish
Blood Type: A Positive
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Type of Hair: Straight
Thickness of Hair: Balding
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Complexion Relative to Race: Medium
Bone Structure: Medium
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 220
Handedness: Right-Handed
General Health
CMV Status (All donors test CMV-IgM Negative): Negative
Vision: Excellent, does not wear lenses
Hearing: Fair
Dentition: Excellent, no orthodontia required
Allergies: None known
Hospitalization: None known
Alcohol Usage: Does drink alcohol; 4-6 Drinks per week
Tobacco Usage: Does not smoke
Drug Usage: Tests NEGATIVE for Drugs of Abuse.
Enjoys: Art, music, literature & academic studies (particularly anthropological and religious/spiritual), sustainable living, animal rights, human rights, and the "Stewardship" of the earth.
Education Status: Undergraduate Degree Obtained
Area of Study: Anthropology, Religion
Donor Communication (Type): Open
Past Pregnancy: Yes

He is no longer an active donor. He has a pic and enhanced profile available for purchase and Yes Genetic Screening Performed. I thought I put that in there.
here is link to his profile- but it may not work

When you respond please private message me as to the reason you want the sperm while there are vials for sale. I am not going to judge I just want a brief summary as to why you want the vials. This is first come/served I will not respond to one liners as I am not on here regularly enough.


  • tinydancertinydancer Posts: 1,210
    edited November -1
    I would like them otherwise!! I also sent an email to you.
  • lemondropslemondrops Posts: 9
    edited November -1
    Thank you for your interest, however these are now spoken for. However if for some reason they are still available by next week I will repost.
  • Nicole21Nicole21 Posts: 8

    Is this still available?

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