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Donor 6215?

Leo1227Leo1227 Posts: 3
edited August 2018 in Pregnancy and Babies

Is anyone currently using 6215 to conceive? I am using this donor (2 IUI's and now through IVF) and saw he recently just had a reported pregnancy!


  • ajswartwoodajswartwood Posts: 9

    Did you end up getting pregnant with 6215? My wife and I are thinking about using him!

  • Leo1227Leo1227 Posts: 3

    Yes, I have a 8 month old cutie :) Not sure if it was more me or him, but had fantastic results (i.e. normal embryos) with IVF. He had great counts when I did IUI but they didn't work.

  • ajswartwoodajswartwood Posts: 9

    Leo1227 Thank you!

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