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Donor 141P

mestradamestrada Posts: 24
edited November -1 in Pregnancy and Babies
I purchased vials for donor 141P and I thought I had saved his profile with all of his background. I’ve tried looking for him on the catalog and can’t find him. Does anyone have his information and is willing to share it? TIA


  • nictestorynictestory Posts: 20
    edited November -1
    We might, I will check. I think with the website update and no vials available they have removed him :-( I was hoping he would donate again.
  • mestradamestrada Posts: 24
    edited November -1
    @nictestory I was able to get the profile from NW, thank you though! Yea I noticed he wasn’t donating anymore. We currently have 2 vials, if we don’t use one I can let you know.
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