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Single vial retired donor

AimeeCAimeeC Posts: 2
edited November -1 in Trying to Conceive
My wife and I are in process of trying to determine if there is even a point in us ttc one last time. If the tests come back and things aren't favorable, we will be looking to sell our last vial of retired donor 4020. We have a six year old daughter from this donor, with two donor siblings that we know of. We are trying to gauge interest to make the process smoother once we get a solid answer as to fertility and we should know by the end of summer one way or the other. Donor 4020 is African American, 5'9", 193 lb., athletic build, medium skin tone, black curly hair, brown eyes, tapered oval shape face. O Positive. CMV Positive. Excellent family health history. Doesn't drink or smoke. College graduate. The best way to contact me would be via email at [email protected]


  • ttcnumber2!ttcnumber2! Posts: 33
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    What vial type? Do you have childhood photos?
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