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Has anyone used 6975?


  • Mibabe21Mibabe21 Posts: 5

    I am using him now! you?

  • Charlene2Charlene2 Posts: 26

    Just used a vial today :) good luck to us both!

  • Mibabe21Mibabe21 Posts: 5

    baby dust to us

  • RavenVilleRavenVille Posts: 7
    edited March 2021

    I was looking today for baby #2 and I saw 6975 is gone! We had luck with 6975 on our first try! How did the rest of you make out?

  • Mibabe21Mibabe21 Posts: 5

    I am currently pregnant with 6975 and due next month. I too tried to order more of his vials for sibling and they were all gone. What did you have? If you don’t mind I would like to connect?

  • RavenVilleRavenVille Posts: 7

    We have a little girl born last year.

  • Mibabe21Mibabe21 Posts: 5

    Awesome! I have a little boy coming next month and I was a little distraught that it was a boy considering I already have three boys lol. My plan was to immediately try again after he is born but now that won’t happen. Is there a Facebook siblings group or something?

  • RavenVilleRavenVille Posts: 7

    Not that I know of - this is the first sibling group I cam across!

  • KailynMMKailynMM Posts: 1

    I am currently using 6975. I have undergone 3 IUI cycles with no luck so far :( Keeping my fingers crossed for the next one!

  • RavenVilleRavenVille Posts: 7

    Fingers crossed is right!!

  • RavenVilleRavenVille Posts: 7

    Its now April - how is everyone doing? Our little girl is walking all over the place, getting into all kinds of stuff and eating like it's her JOB! :-) 93%ile for height!

  • We have a little boy from 6975! He will be 3 months old on the 5th! He is huge, 100th percentile for head, 94th for height, 74th for weight, and 30th for BMI. He is almost 15 pounds. Happy to connect with anyone else who has babies with this donor. We plan on using him again and we’re notified that there would be more sperm from him in November

  • LiLo13LiLo13 Posts: 4

    Hello everyone!

    Congratulations on your pregnancies! It’s encouraging to read success stories with this donor.

    I unfortunately had two miscarriages last year with IVF. I can get pregnant, but unsure after that. I am doing genetic testing this time to find out.

    Anyhow, I may end up with 2 extra vials, so if any of you need one for siblings, just let me know and I will be sure to check back before selling them back.


  • hmalicotehmalicote Posts: 2

    Hi everyone! We have a beautiful little blonde hair blue eyed little girl thanks to 6975! I would love to start a siblings group maybe on Facebook or something? Would anyone be interested?

  • Mibabe21Mibabe21 Posts: 5

    Hi yes I would be interested in joining the fb group

  • hmalicotehmalicote Posts: 2
    edited February 2022

    There is actually a Facebook page called “NWCryobank doner Families” I just posted on there looking for siblings of donor #6975. Check it out and add me on Facebook! :)

  • braelieymardbraelieymard Posts: 3

    Just had my first round of IUI on April 25th from donor 6975. I am so excited and hope it worked. I can’t wait to join the Facebook group!

  • RavenVilleRavenVille Posts: 7

    Did the Facebook page ever come to fruition?

  • nicole_21nicole_21 Posts: 2

    Hello! I just got added to this group. We have a 2 year old boy from donor 6975. We are hoping to add another little one to our family but all vials are gone for 6975 and we have used up all of ours as well that I had for a second. If anyone has extra they won’t be using I would love if you would consider my family to try them.

  • braelieymardbraelieymard Posts: 3

    I just created a group on Facebook for all families of donor 6975 for anyone who would like to join.

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