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Donor #2678 siblings?

Hello, my wife and I just found were pregnant from donor 2678. We are interested in seeing if anyone else has a confirmed pregnancy using the same donor!


  • TwoFromTxTwoFromTx Posts: 8 ✭✭

    We are using this donor now, 1 st try last Sunday morning! This will baby 2 with nw cryo. How many tries did it take wit this donor for you?

  • aderoadero Posts: 4

    3 tries!

  • kfrench718kfrench718 Posts: 1

    My wife and I are using donor 2678! We are about a week or so away from our first IUI :)

  • LadybugLadybug Posts: 3

    My wife and I are pregnant with our first using this donor. How's everyone doing? Do you know the gender/s yet?

  • aderoadero Posts: 4

    I am currently 17 weeks with a baby girl! Do you know what you’re having yet? Looks like we have siblings!

  • LadybugLadybug Posts: 3

    That's so exciting! We don't know yet. I'm 8 weeks along so far.

  • aderoadero Posts: 4

    Aww ok. Let me know when you find out! Where are you guys from?

  • LadybugLadybug Posts: 3

    We're West Coast US. Do you know if there is a sibling registry or way to keep in touch?

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