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Donor 399z

xxarv39xxarv39 Posts: 8
edited December 2020 in Parenting and Life

Hi all, im seeking people who have conceived with 399. I have a son and would like to get in contact with siblings! For some reason the bank got rid of their sibling registry.


  • kate3084kate3084 Posts: 2

    Hi I am currently pregnant with a daughter from 399Z. I'm due in October 2021.

  • xxarv39xxarv39 Posts: 8
    edited August 2021

    Congratulations! 🥰🥰 I would love to stay in touch. Do you happen to be on the donor families group on Facebook?

  • kate3084kate3084 Posts: 2

    Thanks. No I wasn't aware there was a group on Facebook. Do you know the name of it and I'll join?

  • xxarv39xxarv39 Posts: 8

    It’s called “NW Cryobank donor families” so far there are 3 of us with 399z babies and you’ll be the 4th :)

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