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Donor 492r

Any siblings out there? Baby boy born June 2020. Would love to connect.



  • AmandaKatzAmandaKatz Posts: 2

    Hello! Yes! I have a little boy born June 2019 and hoping for another! So excited to find a sibling!

  • Luen2991Luen2991 Posts: 1

    My wife an I have three vials on the way for this month! Nice to know they are good swimmers!

  • dmgcassidydmgcassidy Posts: 3

    Fingers crossed Luen! Can confirm good swimmers and adorable offspring :)

  • CdhollanCdhollan Posts: 2

    Hi! Yes! We have a daughter, born Oct. 2018! And, it’s early days still (4 weeks) but another one on the way! I’d love to connect!

  • secsecsecsec Posts: 1

    Hi Everyone. I'd love to hear all about your 492r kiddos. Hoping for one myself soon!

  • dmgcassidydmgcassidy Posts: 3

    There are a few of us who've connected over social media. I think there are six known sibs among 4 families at this point. I want to be careful of everyone's privacy, but in general I can say that the kids are healthy, tend to be on the upper end of the growth curve, and have distinctive widows peaks at birth. The kiddos seems to be pretty active - there's more than one climber in the group. Hard to say much about personality since they're so young. Definitely cute kids, and several of us got lucky with getting pregnant very quickly. Hope things go well for you and ping again if/when you have your own little one!

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