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First Order! 10A61 for ICI

Hi everybody!

My fiance and I have been on our TTC journey since October of 2019. She has been diagnosed with PCOS and the very few attempts we have made (thanks, covid) have been unsuccessful. We have recently made the decision to pass the torch and have me go ahead and try while we learn how to better manage the symptoms of the PCOS. I have no known fertility issues. We were previously using a known donor but due to both logistics and potential legal pitfalls, we have made the decision to go through a bank. We placed our first order yesterday for Donor 10A61 and have shipping all set up for later this month.

We are a mix of emotions! It never gets less exciting. Does anyone have any experience with this donor that they would be willing to share?

Thanks for reading and Baby Dust to all!


  • mentosmentos Posts: 2

    Hi! We just ordered donor 10A61... how did it go? Did you conceive?

  • gummybeargummybear Posts: 3

    Hello! I did conceive on our first attempt. I will be 18 weeks Friday. I am carrying a little boy. Good luck to you!

  • ChelsChels Posts: 1

    I have a one year old baby girl from donor 10A61

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