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13006 First Time Inseminating!

Hello all!

I wanted to share my journey so far about my first insemination attempt!

So I have VERY short cycles. My period is extremely regular and always 4-5 days. My fertile window is right after my period and my ovulation usually occurs about 5 days after my period has ended.

I received my LH surge result at around 7pm on Monday evening (but hadn’t tested since 1pm). My ovulation seems to happen fairly quickly after my LH surges (like on the 12hr mark) so I didn’t want to wait around. I got some great advice from a pal on here about timing this though so I waited about 4 hours after I saw the surge (because it could’ve surged at 2pm, I wasn’t sure).

We inseminated at close to or a little after 11pm that night!

It’s been 2 days now and I CANNOT WAIT to see the results! I’ve been on edge trying to feel for any symptoms!

If anyone reads this and has felt early symptoms during the two week wait, I would love to hear about them!

This is my first time doing this and I’ve learned so much about my cycle in the last month. Hopefully everything works out! Wish me luck!


  • futuremommafuturemomma Posts: 13

    I’m at 8DPO. I’ve been having weird cramping/tingling in my lower abdomen for a few days off and on now and I’m REALLY hopeful. I never get cramps before my period and hardly cramp while on my period. I also have been having a dull ache in my left boob off and on these last two days. I’ve not really been sensitive on my breasts but just sore.

    This morning I woke up feeling hungry but then all of a sudden felt nauseous. I didn’t throw up but for a minute I thought I might.

    I’m waiting until Friday (10DPO) to take a test. I’m wondering if anyone has had similar symptoms and it resulted in a BFP?

    I’m honestly hoping for more symptoms because so far I’m really not sure! It could be PMS but I just sooooo rarely have any PMS symptoms..

    Really hoping to get lucky on my first try here! My mom got pregnant at 41 on her first time trying and honestly the fertility of all the women in my family is what’s making me so optimistic. Does that make sense? If all the women in my family are/were really fertile should I also be?

    As y’all can tell, I’m really drowning in thoughts/worries here. Lol.

    If anyone has advice about anything I rambled on about, I’d love to hear it! If not, it’s totally cool. I’ll be making an update again on Friday!

  • futuremommafuturemomma Posts: 13

    So all day yesterday at 9DPO I was on the verge of puking. Never puked but just constantly felt like I could.

    All night last night I kept waking up ready to puke but nothing came out. My breasts were sore off and on last night but mostly itchy.

    This morning, at 10DPO I took a test and I swear there’s a faint line!!! I’ll post it to this thread!

  • futuremommafuturemomma Posts: 13

    It’s harder to see in the photos but I very faintly see it in person! Do y’all see it?

  • I see you’re using donor 13006! We’re using him too! After three failed iuis (with no medical reason as to why) we are now going to try at home with this donor!

    did you ever get a positive?

    did you use IUI or ici? I see he’s out of ici so we plan on using IUI

  • vjacobovjacobo Posts: 2

    Also using this donor! Tried ici 09/13 and 09/15 and eagerly awaiting being able to test!

  • DannyLicaDannyLica Posts: 1

    I used donor 13006! I would like to know how many others had a positive. Just wonder how many siblings are out there.

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