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1st choice donor no longer listed

Hi everyone,

I'm strongly considering trying to have a baby using a donor (single mom by choice.) I've narrowed it down to my top three donors, however, when I went to show a friend of mine, my top choice donor is no longer on the website.

I'm wondering if a donor is no longer on the website if they may show up again at some point? Is there a quarentine requirement between donations and the vials being released for sale?

I'm not able to start trying until late January of '23 (had weight loss surgery and have to wait a year to get pregnant) but if my top choice donor reappears between now and then, am I able to purchase vials a few months ahead (for example, purchase in October for January insemination)?

I'm also wondering what type of documentation I would get to show that I used a cryobank donor (for legal purposes)?


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    NWC_Admin2NWC_Admin2 Posts: 10 admin

    Hi @bazinga85 ,

    I'd be happy to provide some more information! If a donor is no longer on the website, that means that they are currently sold out. When a donor has more vials, they are then placed back on the website. Please give us a call at 509-232-0132 or email us at and we'd be happy to provide more information about your preferred donor and add you to our vial notification list.

    2) You can definitely purchase vials for future use. We offer a few storage options. Our current storage fees are: $50/month, $385/year, $1,085/3 years, or $1,585 for 5 years. 

    3) Lastly, we do recommend that you check with a family lawyer in your state to confirm what paperwork they may need for future legal purposes. However, if you need documentation for say a future second parent adoption, we can provide an affidavit.

    Any additional questions, please feel free to email us at info@nwcryobank or give us a call at 509-232-0132. We are always happy to help out.

    NWC Team

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