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The Queen Bee's Plan

GaBeekeeperGaBeekeeper Posts: 916
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I'm Raynae' and I am a Beekeeper and so is my DP.
I am 38 (will be 39 in January).
I have 3 children that I adopted from the Foster care system.
They are 20, 18, & 15.
DP and I have been together for 6yrs. We had our ceremony in Vegas with Elvis in 2005!!
DP is 31, but has no desire to be pregnant, but is very excited about becoming a Mama.
I have had several test ran and found out that my right tube is blocked, so I am only working with my left tube.
TTC #1 was in April 2009 before I knew that my right tube was blocked. I was taking 50mg of Clomid & 100mg of Prometrium due to progesterone issues.
It was our first time so our timing was not great. DP was out of town for the second insem and that did not go well by myself.

TTC#1 was a BFN

TTC #2 we switched donors to our first choice.
I did 100mg of Clomid CD5-9
Felt a big heat wave every day!! Very moody and could just snap at a minutes notice.

CBFM started reading High on CD11 I NEVER got a PEAK!!
After researching it online I found out that Clomid will sometimes interfer with the CBFM.
Odd b/c in April when I was on 50mgs it read High and then 2 days of PEAK.
I was getting really discouraged and thought my body was failing me.
So, I jumped the gun and did an insemination 44hrs prior to a Positive OPK.
That was on CD16 @ 4pm

FINALLY on CD18 I had a SMILEY!!!
I insemed @ 2.5 hrs after first smiley.

CD19 I still had a SMILEY so I insemed @ 11am
At 10:28pm I was NEGATIVE on the OPK's.

CD 20 my temp was higher (93.92) and I was High on the CBFM and negative on OPK's.

So, it makes me think that I did ovulate on CD19 (waiting on FF to determine O date by temps).

So my insem times with IUI vials were:
44hrs prior to Positive OPK
2.5 hrs AFTER Positive OPK
21 hrs AFTER Positive OPK

So, now I just wait patiently (Yeah right!!)


  • GaBeekeeperGaBeekeeper Posts: 916
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    #2 was a BFN :(

    Going ahead with #3.

    Going back to 50mg of Clomid, but taking it CD3-7.

    Good news is my luteal phase was the longest it has ever been!! 14 DAYS!!

    I am also taking 1 baby aspirin a day.

    Ordered the Swimmers to arrive on August 14 on a Friday.
    That will be CD13.
    Hope I didn't order too early once again. But by the next Friday I will be CD20 and I should have O'd by then.

    Keeping Positive and hoping our timing will be better.

    Only using 2 vials this time and I will do later rather than sooner.
  • GaBeekeeperGaBeekeeper Posts: 916
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    The swimmers arrived today and I got a great suprise.
    The 2 vials were collected August 2008 and the sperm count was 70%!!!!
    Can you say SUPER SPERM!!!
    The last vials were collected in May 2008 and were only 35%.

    I have been taking the baby aspiring every day and also taking Robitussin 2 teaspoons three times a day.
    And today I have noticed alot of watery almost EWCM!!!
    It was super stretchy this morning.
    I have never had it like this before so I am taking it as a good sign.
  • GaBeekeeperGaBeekeeper Posts: 916
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    I was high on CBFM and when when I POAS that am there was a long string of EWCM!
    Temp 96.71
    Negative OPK @ 10am
    Positive OPK @ 3pm
    Usually I have only 2 days of positive OPK's and the second day is the day I ovulate. In the past 2 AI's I felt like I had done it too early (4hrs after first positive and 2.5hrs)
    So, this time I wanted to hold off.
    Did first AI @ 11:30pm - fell asleep.

    PEAK on CBFM
    Temp 97.23
    Positive OPK @ 5am/1pm/7:30pm
    Did 2nd and last vial @ 4:30pm

    PEAK on CBFM
    Temp 97.16
    Positive OPK @ 11:30am--I NEVER get 3 days of positives!
    Is this a strong ovulation? Did I insem too early?!
    Freaking out!!
    FF says estimated day of ovulation is CD18-- I estimated CD17
    Waiting on 3 days of high temps to confirm.

    AI times are 8.5 hrs after first positive OPK & 25.5 hrs after.

    Hope I hit the time right.
  • GaBeekeeperGaBeekeeper Posts: 916
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    Try #4!
    I am not using Clomid this cycle.
    Switched Donors.
    Taking Robitussin.
    Not taking Baby Aspirin.
    Just waiting for a smiley, then I will use my 3 vials that are sitting in the living room patiently waiting.
  • GaBeekeeperGaBeekeeper Posts: 916
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    A new year, and a new plan!
    I turned 39 on the 17th.
    Figured I need to go to an RE to get specific blood work done and see what is going on. My OBGYN did some initial blood work last year, but I'm not sure if they will be able to help me.
    I am still going to do at home AI just want to be more educated on my cycle this go around.
    I have one vial left in storage and I need to stock up some more :)
    Considering Bee sting therapy to help me also. Since we have plenty of bees just waiting to sting, I figure why not!
    I get really sad and down that I'm not pregnant, I so wanted to go thru the holidays with a baby kicking me,, but oh well, I'm very determined and I will have a baby!!!
  • GaBeekeeperGaBeekeeper Posts: 916
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    Took the big step and have an appt with an RE on March 8, 2010.
    I am excited and nervous about this appt. Hope I don't get shattering news and that I will be able to continue my quest to bring my baby home.
  • GaBeekeeperGaBeekeeper Posts: 916
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    All my bloodwork came back and my thyroid levels are normal, my Insulin/Glucose levels are normal, FSH are normal.
    The HSG that I had in 2009 showed a blocked tube on the right side. The RE thinks it was a spasm. Had an anti body test to chylamidia to see if that caused the blockage, and I was negative for that. So the RE believes that I do NOT have a blocked tube.
    I have lost 15 pounds and have cut out junk food and coffee.
    I am waiting for July 1 when I have 6 vials arriving. Then we will start our last at home insemination. If this does not work then we will be going with a DR assisted IUI.
    I have good positive thoughts that my baby will be made the fourth of July weekend.
    She/He will be a real firecracker LOL
  • GaBeekeeperGaBeekeeper Posts: 916
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    Well, the 4th of July cycle did not work

    Going on to Dr assisted IUI for first of August.
  • GaBeekeeperGaBeekeeper Posts: 916
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    Got a BFP On 10-10-10 but HCG levels never really went up. Started spotting and found out on 10-18-10 that I had a miscarriage.
    Waiting on beta levels to go to zero.
    We should be trying again in November
  • GaBeekeeperGaBeekeeper Posts: 916
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    What a journey!
    After my early MC in October 2010 I did try again. Dec 2010 cycle was a BFN. Then I couldn't do anything in January b/c when my cycle started the RE's office was closed. So I started my meds in mid January 2011, by this time I was 40. Had my insem (with a different donor than the first pregnancy) on Feb 3, 2011- my wife was able to be there with me.
    I did the trigger shot.
    On Feb 14, 2011 I was NOT supposed to test b/c I was only 11dpo, but I did that night anyway
    My wife was working and I took off in the truck to go show her!!!! We were so surprised but cautious. Kept testing every single day,,, yep,, we are pregnant!!
    Beta's were real good,,
    March 11, 2011 first ultrasound at the RE's office,,, we found out TWINS!!! What a shock!!!!
    No morning sickness, everything is perfect! BP a little high but no meds.
    At 16 weeks we find out we are having two boys!! They were so active,, and so perfect.
    I had the Quad screen blood work done - no problems!
    At 18 weeks I had to go to a Perinatologist b/c of twins, and my age. That is when they discovered my INCOMPETENT CERVIX. I was immediately put into the hospital and had a cerclage the next day. My cervix was almost non existant. I was scared. The babies were fine, heartbeats strong, very active.
    After a few days I was sent home on strick bed rest. A week later I was checked and my cervix was .5cm!!!
    My stitch lasted for 3 weeks. I had a regular OB appt on a wednesday, they did not check my cervix but said they would do it next week. I went home and on Thursday night I had a blob of mucus come out. I didn't know if it was my plug or not b/c w/ the cerclage you can have alot of mucus discharge. I called LD and they told me if I was not cramping to just go to my OB in the morning. I did, she manually checked my cervix and it was closed. She said the stitch was holding. Babies had strong heartbeats. I did not get to see them on the US, last time was 3 weeks ago in the hospital.
    OB said I had a bacterial vaginosis and sent me home with a gel to insert. One of the side effects was abdominal discomfort. So on saturday when I had some slight pain I thought it was just that. I had no bleeding and they told me if I went into labor with the stitch I was see bleeding so I thought I was OK. No major pain. I was constipated, like always. Saturday night I didn't feel well, but thought it was just from laying in bed all the time,, Sunday I was really constipated. Then my water broke in the bathroom. My wife drove me to the hospital. My dr was not on call so it was a man we had never seen who had to deliver. My first baby, Logan's head was already visible in my cervix. I had to deliver him. He came out alive. He did make a sound and move. He was so tiny, 13oz and 11 inches. I held him while his tiny heart was beating and fighting. There was nothing they could do.
    My placenta would not detach, so the dr went in with a tool to scrape it, while doing that he busted my other babies bag by accident. I had to have a emergency DC and they had to take Lucas out, he was stillborn. He weighed 15 oz and was 12 inches. They were big babies for just 21 weeks.
    That was June 19, 2011 and the worst day of my life.

    Now I am 40yrs and 11 months old and I am scared.

    My wife is 34 and now we are going to try with her. We have 3 vials of our twins' donor at our RE's office.
    We will try with her in November for the first time with an unmedicated cycle. Maybe I will try later, but I am still scared.
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