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Donor 2244

melandsamrichmelandsamrich Posts: 1
edited July 2019 in Trying to Conceive
Something about this donor's profile just spoke to us so we decided to use him. We've ordered but it hasn't shipped yet, just wondering if anyone has used him and had any success?


  • I've used donor 2244 and had success I now have a 3 month old son.

  • tsmithtsmith Posts: 13

    We used this donor and had success first round. Now have a beautiful 6 month old daughter. @aparkinson1083 congrats on your son!!! @melandsamrich good luck in your journey.

  • Mrs.T86Mrs.T86 Posts: 8

    We used 2244 as well and now have a 9 month old son. He is a big, solid, but very happy boy :) Congrats @aparkinson1083 & @tsmith. I hope you can join us @melandsamrich with the same donor or not :)

  • tsmithtsmith Posts: 13

    @Mrs.T86 our daughter is 9 months as well. She is also big, solid, and very happy most days (teething lol). Just out of curiosity does your sons have chubby cheeks

    @aparkinson1083 ? This is my daughter and I swear those cheeks come from the donor :)

  • Mrs.T86Mrs.T86 Posts: 8
    edited July 2020

    @tsmith Oh my those cheeks and chin! I would definitely say the donor had a lot to do with them :) We are teething as well and trying to stand and walk. He is very happy, but can throw fit when he wants too. This is him after demolishing some strawberries.

  • tsmithtsmith Posts: 13

    @Mrs.T86 she is the same way but refuses to stand without holding on even though we know she can lol OMG he is precious!!!

  • samantha.marie33samantha.marie33 Posts: 5
    edited August 2020

    We have a sweet boy from 2244 as well! We were actually hoping to conceive again with 2244 but there are no vials available. :(

  • aparkinson1083aparkinson1083 Posts: 19
    edited September 2020

    Congratulations! He does have chubby cheeks as well. Hes almost a year now

  • Mrs.T86Mrs.T86 Posts: 8

    @aparkinson1083 so cute! They really do share some similarities:) Our big guy will be 1 on Saturday. It blows me away that they are all so close in age.

  • @Mrs.T86 thank you! He is adorable and I can definitely see some similarities!

  • tsmithtsmith Posts: 13

    @aparkinson1083 he's so adorable 😍

    @mrichardson I know the age range is crazy. I want to say they are all within a few weeks of each other

  • aparkinson1083aparkinson1083 Posts: 19
    edited October 2020

    @tsmith @Mrs.T86 it is crazy that their all so close in age, they can't be more than a month apart! She is adorable!

  • tsmithtsmith Posts: 13

    If I'm not mistaken @Mrs.T86 and mines are about a.month apart. Teah was born September 19th last year

  • My sons name is Ryder he was born October 11th of last year.

  • tsmithtsmith Posts: 13

    I love that name. I think Teah is the only girl I'm noticing. Lol probably because I wanted a boy first 😆

  • Thank you. Lol She is the only girl I've noticed so far, but we might see more if they ever get the sibling registry up and running!

  • Mrs.T86Mrs.T86 Posts: 8

    This makes me happy knowing that Holden has a connection if he ever feels alone.

    We hope to have more, just not sure when.

  • It is nice to know that he has siblings out there!

  • tsmithtsmith Posts: 13

    Same for Teah. Im hope we can all stay connected. Have you guys decided on Halloween costumes if you celebrate?

  • It would be nice to stay in contact. I'm throwing a halloween themed costume party for Ryders first birthday I cant decide between dressing him as pennywise or mickey mouse lol.

  • tsmithtsmith Posts: 13

    Lol could always make him the creepy want to play a game saw doll on the tricycle

  • Haha maybe. Have you decided on a costume for yours?

  • Mrs.T86Mrs.T86 Posts: 8

    Totally go with pennywise!

    I want to dress Holden up as Elmer Fudd.

    Question, does any of your kiddos have the feet to match the cheeks? I swear Holden is going to live in slippers because he has enormously rotund feet 🤣

  • Oo Elmer Fudd would be cute.

    Yes Ryders feet are also pretty thick lol! Not to mention big hes already up to a size 6 in shoes at a year old!!

  • tsmithtsmith Posts: 13

    Teah's feet are pretty solid. Sorry I'm just seeing this message. We still haven't decided on what dress Teah as. She loves the Wiggles so maybe that.

  • Mrs.T86Mrs.T86 Posts: 8

    Holden is a 6 as well a nd sporting some 2T clothes. His thighs are so large he practically wears basketball shorts everywhere.

  • Ooh Ryder loves the wiggles to! That'll be a cute costume.

    Lol I've never seen baby basketball shorts!! Ryder has my short legs so hes in pants 2 sizes smaller than shirts, but its hard finding any long sleeve shirts that aren't too tight on his arms.

  • tsmithtsmith Posts: 13

    Hey guys! Merry Christmas and Happy holidays from us!

  • Merry Christmas from us as well!!

  • aimsterluvaimsterluv Posts: 3

    just wanted to join in and say I also have a boy from this donor who is now 14 months old. He’s so big and just a delight.

    i was sad to hear there was no more vials.

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