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to pass gas or not to pass gas :)

tellytelly Posts: 625
edited February 2012 in Pregnancy and Babies
i felt my lo move around for the 1st time in the beginning of the 16 week. It didnt feel like gas but more like a feather tickling the inside of my uterus. Makes me want to scratch the inside of my uterus. now i feel thumping and the feather feeling like now! its fun because the thumping does feel like gas and the only way i know if its the baby if no air escapes if you know what i mean. But now i am noticing a pattern of the feather feelings and the thumping. And thank god everything is quiet and still throughout the night :) cant wait til i can feel and see the movements from the outside



  • A&JA&J Posts: 1,825
    edited November -1
    Being able to feel your LO is so cool. I remember the first time feeling like butterflies kind of:-). Enjoy all of these changes.
  • Shaeley MaeShaeley Mae Posts: 1,731
    edited November -1
    Very cool. You're lucky to feel movement so early on.

    And don't worry so much about the nights. I think most babies eventually fall into our own sleeping patterns. I know that I was never once awaken by kicks when I was pregnant with my daughter.
    That said, enjoy the kicks while they cute and ticklish. ;)
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