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BFP for the New Year! **Update*** Miscarriage

earrefinnejearrefinnej Posts: 447
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Here’ is my pregnancy success story. Using frozen donor sperm, my wife and I have tried 5 times (3 ICI at home, 2 IUI at the clinic) to get pregnant and last cycle I was pregnant but had a very early miscarriage because I thought early spotting was really my period and stopped taking progesterone (or at least that’s what I think happened!) This time around, we did our second unmedicated IUI at a women’s clinic 28 hrs past +OPK using the ClearBlue Fertility Monitor. I also had been doing a juice/fruit/veggie fast for 10 days prior toO on the recommendation of my Naturopathic Doctor – she claims it helps boost chances of conception and I really think it works – this means you eat nothing but fruits, veggies, fresh juice, nuts, and seeds for 4-7 days prior to ovulation – this means no proteins, no grains, no dairy – it’s tough at first but it’s not intolerable (I’m already vegan) and it gets results – at least for me! My doctor at the women’s clinic was not impressed with the motility of the frozen sperm, but apparently one made it! I have been using Circle+Bloom’s fertility meditations designed for IVF/IUI and really find it nice and relaxing and look forward to purchasing the pregnancy mediations as well. I’ve been charting for 9 months with my BBT and monitoring my mucus and using the CBFM. I also have been taking oral progesterone and accidently ran out around Christmas time when my doctor’s office was closed! I resolved that issue as soon as I could. I also am doing acupuncture once per week and have been doing so for about 4 months.
Here are my symptoms:
2 DPO – Start taking 4 pellets of Progon B 3x day
5 DPO – mild cramps – pinch-like rather than normal AF cramps
7-8 DPO- mild cramps and bloating
9 DPO – Spotting
10-12 DPO – Spotting and cramps. Run out of oral progesterone on 12 DPO and doctor’s office is closed for a refill – get progesterone cream over the counter and begin using this
13 DPO – spotting gets heavier and very faint BFP on FRER. Get concerned about heavier spotting and call doctor. She recommends getting refill of oral progesterone and stopping the cream because the dosage is too weak. She thinks this will stop the bleeding if I am not actually having a miscarriage.
14 DPO – spotting lightens up, still BFP on FRER – faint
15 DPO – spotting continues to lighten, BFP on FRER – darker
16 DPO – spotting essentially stops – brown EWCM, BFP on Clearblue Digital (my wife wouldn’t believe it until she saw the words!)
I’m so excited –( it’s taking a while for my wife to absorb it) and looking forward to a healthy and happy 9 months! Now the hard part is not talking about it until the 2nd trimester.
Unfortunately at 5 weeks, 3 days, I confirmed a miscarriage. Total bummer but I know I can get pregnant and am adjusting some supplements to hopefully help my little bean stick better next time. I will try again in March.


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    YAY! Congratulations!
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    CONGRATS!!! Wishing you a happy & healthy 9 months!!
    C & D

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    Yay! Congratulations and Happy New Year!
    1st daughter born 9/26/2013 (bfp 2nd attempt at home ICI)
    2nd daughter born 3/8/2016 (bfp after 7 attempts at home ICI, 2 miscarriages, 1 D&C)
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    Congrats!!! I hope you have an awesome and healthly 9 months ahead! :)
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