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early pregnancy sign?

KPJKPJ Posts: 14
edited May 2015 in Trying to Conceive
Hi all, I'm looking for some advice. I did at home ici on the 1st. It's now the 6th. Today I feel like I got hit by a train. Body aches, chills, crazy nausea, exhaustion and absolutely not interested in any food. My wife just ran out to buy crackers, popsicles and a pregnancy test lol. Could these be early signs? Am I sick? Am I crazy? Btw I'm notoriously sensitive to hormone changes. Anybody have a similar experience? I would love to hear it :)


  • anna77anna77 Posts: 283
    edited May 2015
    I feel like I'm the Debbie downer of this board or something but I prefer honesty...

    These could be symptoms, but it is usually too early to experience any sort of pregnancy symptoms!

    I hope that it ends up being early symptoms, and that this cycle works for you ! :)
    Anna 38 (mommy to 3 boys...11, 9 & 2)
    #3 was conceived with DS via our 6th IUI (2 natural, 2 clomid, 2 follistim+trigger)
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    IUI#3 2/5 (follistim+trigger)...Test Date 2/19
  • FutureSMBCFutureSMBC Posts: 1,018
    edited November -1
    I had tons of symptoms and felt things that I never felt before during my cycles. I also had never spotted midcycle and I did last time.
    Ended up in a BFN with the worst menstrual period I've ever had. I credit that to everything I was doing to improve my lining and CM.
    Hope you get a BFP!
    TTC since March 2015: 5 ICIs & 5 IUIs -all BFN
    July 2016- IVF w/BC/Lupron/Gonal-f/Ovidrel - converted to IUI- BFN
    Sept 2016-IVF w/BC/Lupron/Gonal-f/Ovidrel- Two 3d ET- BFP @ 9dp3dt, Beta#1: 209 @ 12dp3dt, #2: 782 @ 15dp3dt - EDD 6/3/17 - It's a Boy!
  • ruedeodeonruedeodeon Posts: 160
    edited May 2015
    When I found out i was pregnant I knew I was because I actually had ZERO symptoms of pms or pregnancy.
  • TheOtherLovingMomsTheOtherLovingMoms Posts: 1,481 ✭✭
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    I would wait at least another 5 days before taking that pregnancy test because even if you are pregnant it's not going to show on a test yet so why set yourself up for that downer.
    I just turned 50 and fabulous!!! Enjoying life with my amazing family!!
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  • KPJKPJ Posts: 14
    edited November -1
    Thanks ladies! Man if this is a virus it's the weirdest one I've ever had. We'll be anxiously awaiting the beginning of next week when we can test. I have never been pregnant before and this was our first try ( at home ici).
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