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Donor 9600 siblings

Since the donor sibling registry is down, I was wondering if anyone with babies from this donor would like to connect. We had a healthy baby girl from this donor on 11/13/19.


  • KM15KM15 Posts: 1

    Hi! Congratulations! I also gave birth to a healthy baby boy from donor 9600 on 7/18/19. It’s wonderful to reach out and connect with siblings!

  • saddison05saddison05 Posts: 4

    Hello! I just purchased vials from 9600. Has anyone made a connection group (here or elsewhere, such as facebook, email, etc)? It would be very valuable to me (and I imagine others) to have these contacts/network for ourselves and our children in the future! I will keep you UTD on progress of pregnancy - doing IUI next week!

  • dee.a.red11dee.a.red11 Posts: 11

    Good luck! We don't have a formal facebook group yet but several of us are now connected on facebook. 5 families so far connected!

  • saddison05saddison05 Posts: 4

    Thank you so much for your prompt reply. My wife and I are so excited (anxious too, of course). I am so thankful to know there have been successes and that we may be able to have a support network with those who have bio siblings. Thanks again!

  • Missaaron14Missaaron14 Posts: 3

    We just purchased vials from this donor.

  • KaitreniKaitreni Posts: 3

    Just had a healthy baby girl from this donor! Almost had the same birthday as KM15's son, but she came a little earlier than expected (still at-term, though!).

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