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Question about Sibling Registry

blherman217blherman217 Posts: 2
edited July 2020 in Pregnancy and Babies


My son is now 3.5 years old after one round of ICI at home.

I remember coming across a “Sibling Registry” on this website, but wasn’t ready to report my pregnancy and join it.

however, I can’t seem to find it on here anymore. Does the Sibling Registry stil exist?

hope I’m asking in the right place

thank you!

Breanna H.


  • olivamcdonaldolivamcdonald Posts: 4

    I also remember seeing that I’m hoping to connect with other 451 donors recipients

  • Landis90Landis90 Posts: 105 ✭✭

    They did away with the sibling registry. Now they have a group option on here. If there isn't already a group for your donor just email them and they will create one :)

  • bredigerbrediger Posts: 1

    I just found a group for donor 451 but there is only one member. I just searched 451 in the search bar and it came up.

  • To those of you who said there were groups. Where do you go to find the groups? I have searched the forum and cannot find them.

  • olivamcdonaldolivamcdonald Posts: 4

    AprilandLisa there are also some FB groups out there (who was your donor?)

  • Olivamcdonald. Our donor was 2009.

  • olivamcdonaldolivamcdonald Posts: 4

    Gotcha! I did see that if you message the admins they can get a group set up for you! Hope you’re able to connect!

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