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Question About Mental Health Screening


I have a question about the mental health screening/psychological screening of the donors. Are the donors asked about their mental health diagnosis and histories? Are they screened for family histories of mental illness. Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder are my main concerns. Thanks!


  • NWC_Admin2NWC_Admin2 Posts: 10 admin

    Hi @SolaG,

    Yes, our Donors are required to provide three generations of detailed family medical history in order to participate in the program. In addition, Donors also undergo a psychological evaluation with our MSW as well as a comprehensive genetic interview with our licensed genetic counselors. The results of these screening steps are taken into consideration when determining a potential donor's eligibility for the program. If you have any questions about a specific donor and their medical history, please feel free to contact us at 800-786-5251.

  • SolaGSolaG Posts: 5

    Hello! Thanks so so much! I am interested in Donor 10A04. What is the psychological evaluation like? Can we get results? What is being screened for in the psych eval? Thanks so much!

  • NWC_Admin2NWC_Admin2 Posts: 10 admin

    Though we do not share the results, the donor’s mental health is assessed by a PhD psychologist and MSW Social Worker utilizing the Personality Assessment Inventory tool and interview. In addition, NW Cryobank performs criminal and educational background checks as well.

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