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Introduce Yourself Here :)

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I don't know if it mommy brain or I am losing it, but with all the success stories and families posting on this side, I can't seem to keep track :)

Introduce yourself here, giving as much, or as little about your journey as you are comfortable :)
Mommy to Twins plus One - donor 733


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    I am currently on the TTC side mainly, but I have a 9, 10, and 12 yr old born before we made the mistake of DH having a vasectomy.
    Kirsten (32) DH (35) Matthew (12) Catlin (10), Emily (9, and Open Heart Surgery Survivor) and TTC #4

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    Jamie - you forgot to intro yourself! Seems funny to be doing this now but I totally get what you are saying about the Mommy brain and new people. Plus so many of the names are similar I really get confused sometimes!

    Anyway, I'm Shannon SMBC to the funniest human being I have ever met - 18 month old Kate. I work as a Nanny and Household Manager for a family that has a little girl 1 year older than Kate. We live in Dallas.
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    Great idea to start this over here! I realized my intro on the TTC side really needed updating! lol Here's the copied/pasted updated intro from there:

    I'm Milena (31), partnered with Amy (32) for nearly 7 wonderful years. We have one daughter together via NW donor 554, Maren (7 months as of this update, lol), and 3 boys (ages almost 14, 9, and 7 1/2) from amy's previous marriage. They are all very much OUR kids, and we have a good relationship with her ex-husband and his wife. We live in the greater Cincinnati area, and travel frequently to southern Indiana/western Kentucky. We both practice Earth-based religions, she is Pagan, and my religious path is that of Native American beliefs. We live our lives in a way that honors Mother Earth, and we teach our children to tread lightly on Her.

    Our plan from the beginning was that we'd have two more children together- she'd have one first since she is older, then I'd have one. The Universe changed our plans in early 2008 when I was diagnosed with endometrial adenocarcinoma and had to have a complete hysterectomy. It has been very hard for me to come to terms with the fact that I will never be able to experience having a baby myself, but I am so very lucky that I have love, support, and trust with a partner as amazing as Amy. I am humbled and so grateful that she is willing to give me the one thing I have always wanted more than anything, but can't have myself- more children.

    We had been TTC off and on for 3 years using 3 known donors. There were issues with the donors not being available when we needed them quite often. We found out as time went on that one was completely infertile, one had a very low sperm count, and one was not forthcoming regarding his "recreational habits" and caffeine intake, which had a very negative impact on his sperm apparently. We got our BFP on the first try with frozen sperm from NW! I just had a feeling all along that if we had GOOD sperm that was there when we NEEDED it, it would happen for us. And it did!

    We are planning to start TTC our last baby (*sniffle*) in January 2010.
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    My name is Jennifer. I am a SMBC, pregnant with my first baby (a little boy). I am due this November and the time can't pass fast enough. I live in the Dallas, TX area and have all my life. I work in a department that does pipeline safety training courses and I'm responsible for putting together our meeting documentation. I have a lot of rescue cats, one dog and a rescue guppie (fish). I love to travel and hope to share that love with my future children.
    Jennifer SMBC, mama to Rhys.

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    Great idea Jamie!

    I'm Carrie (30), my wife is Monica (31). We met about 12 years ago in college. We currently live in Provincetown, MA. We love to do anything outside, and anything that involves our dog (yep, we're obsessed!) We really enjoy living here, but would like to get closer to our families. Monica grew up in Japan (military family), but most of her family (dads side) live in PA, which is where my family is as well. Her mom moved back to Chile a couple years ago, and her side of the family is mostly still there. We got married in January, and started ttc right away. We tried in January with one vial (ya know, to practice. ha), we then used 3 vials in February and we got our BFP. Our baby girl is due on November 6th, and we are thrilled....to say the least! We purchased the rest of our donors vials, so we hope to at least have 2 children...maybe 3.
    Carrie & Monica

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    My name is Anne - I am a SMBC. I have always figured that I would conceive using donor sperm. Since I was 15 I told my family that is how I would do it. I am 30 years old, when I turned 29 I decided that now was the time to do it. I began looking for a sperm bank and found NW, I placed y first order in April and tried with that donor April and May, then switched to a different donor for my June/July cycle. I got pregnant July 7th and from that moment on I was the happiest person in the world. August 17th-ish I was fired one of m co-workers told my boss I was pregnant and obviously not married. I was working for a Catholic School, I figured it would be controversial but that it would blow over.

    March 31, 2010 I had a c-section to deliver Margaret Anne - she weighed 7lbs 6oz. She is the love of my life, I breastfeed and she is supplemented with formula - at this point I hate nursing in public probably because I still use a shield and it tends to make things a little more challenging while it is supposed to be making them easier.

    I would love to have another child, but feel that for me the only way to do that is by using the same donor. It is important to me that my children have the same donor - I know in the big scheme of things it may not matter but it is something I really believe in. Unfortunately I did not purchase extra vials and my donor has sold out. Which I guess is the universe's way of saying I am meant to have only one child. I don't close the door completely and will continue to check back to see if anyone has sold back vials, but it feels like there is a very small chance of that happening.

    Right now I am looking for a job as a teacher. Fingers crossed I will get one.

    Thanks for reading.
    Progesterone therapy and baby aspirin daily

    Two miscarriages in between (August 2012 - same donor as Maggie, and December 2014 with husband)
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    I'm Steph and my wife is Liz. We've been together since 1997, and we've been talking about children for every one of those 12+ years! Our six-month-old son Henry is the joy of our lives - we're just in love with him. We'd like to have one more - I'll carry this time (barring any complications). Our donor is no longer available, which is OK by us - I would have loved to use him again, but I'm not particularly upset about having to choose someone new. One way or another, we'll get the babies we're supposed to have :)

    Hanging with Henry takes up most of our free time these days; when I get a minute, I usually spend it writing fiction, knitting or sewing. Liz and I are both avid readers, and she likes to do techy stuff on the computer. We also have a very energetic Shetland Sheepdog and a 14 year old cat with an attitude problem, so there's never a dull moment at our house ;)
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    I am Margo and my partner, Tana, and I have been together for 14 years. (I feel old just typing that!) We have a 4 and 1/2 year old daughter, Kate, that was conceived through donor sperm from NW in 2005 and carried by Tana. We are currently trying to conceive number two through NW, also with Tana to carry. We spend most of our time just hanging out with Kate and our families. We live strategically 1.5 to 2 hours away from each of our families, so most of our weekends are spent travelling to one side of the family or the other. We love to vacation and our next trip is to the beach this month. Kate will be a great big sister, so we hope to make that happen as soon as possible. We are in the tww right now and DP plans to test on June 18th, the day we leave for vacation.
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    I am Marlo, a 38 year old SMBC to Maddey who is 18 months old. She was born November, 16 2008 by emergency c-section and was conceived by IUI with another sperm bank donor. I do not plan on having any more children unless I have enough money to send two kids to daycare anytime soon. Maddey is the most wonderful, full of life kid a person could ask for. I work as a technical support specialist for a company that make lab instruments. I basically talk on the phone all day helping people with their problems. Maddey and I live in a townhouse about 5 minutes from my parents and they see her almost every day. They are a big part of her life. Sometimes that is a little overwhelming for someone who used to see them once a month :)

    This was a great idea Jamie.
    Marlo (40) SMBC
    DD - 11/16/2008

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    I am Krista. I have been with Lauren since 1994. I have a daughter, Paige, who I had when I was 18, and Paige is currently 18. Lauren has been a parent to Paige since Paige was 3. Lauren wanted to have more kids right away---I did NOT. I am an only child and I LOVED having an only child. It took Lauren about 14 years to convince me to have another baby. I got pregnant and had a m/c. I got pregnant again right away and our son Gavin was stillborn. I was done---I could not go through the hurt, worry and pain anymore---Lauren convinced me to try 1 more time. I am sooooooooo glad we tried 1 more time. Gavin was stillborn 10/31/07 and Beckham's due date was 10/18/08---he was born 3 weeks early via elective c section. He is now 20 months old and just the best thing in the world. I love my kids more than anything---I think they are the best, most wonderful children ever born. Lauren would still like to have 1 more but I am not so sure. I am a SAHM and Lauren is a police officer. We did not use a NW donor but we love the forum!!! We are from New England (born and raised) We LOVE our life!!!!!!
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    I am Jamie (30). Growing up I knew that I never wanted be married, but I did know that my 'purpose' in life was to be a mother. I told my parents as a teen my plans to use a donor and I think they didn't quite know what to think.

    I actually started my journey to SMBC-hood when I was 23. I didn't have a strong desire to be pregnant, so I started with adoption. On August 31st 2004 my son Zachary was born. There wasn't a happier moment in my life up until that point. I was completely in love for 6 months and then my world crumbled. Just before the 6 month waiting period, his parents changed their mind and when he was 6 months and 1 week old he was removed from my care. I have not heard anything about him since. I went to a very dark place and pulled together all my strength to move on.

    That year I started TTC. On my third home insemination I got my BFP! I immediately became sick as a dog and lost 60 pounds in about 10 weeks. At 11 weeks they did an US to make sure everything was okay and to my shock there were TWO BABIES!! This was an unmedicated cycle and twins do not run in my family. The rest of my pregnancy was just as miserable (further weight loss, non-stop vomiting, PICC line, IV fluids at home, living off Ensure) but of course it was totally worth it. S and K were born on Valentines Day 2006.

    The twins made me work for them! (colic, reflux, no sleep, miserable!) so it was awhile before I even thought about another. Once I made the decision I was going to start TTC #3 in May of 2008. Unfortunately in February of 2008 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and again my world crumbled. After waiting a year to see what a life with MS was going to be like, I decided to TTC #3. On my second cycle I conceived M.

    M is totally my 'reward' baby. He is the best, happiest, most laid back baby ever. There really isn't anything else I could ask in an infant. I was able to have my nearly unmedicated VBAC, breastfeeding has gone awesome and he slept through the night at 14-ish weeks.

    I have decided I am not done. I don't do pregnancy well and seem to be miserable the entire 9 months so I am thinking of trying to adopt again. We shall see.
    Mommy to Twins plus One - donor 733
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    I am Rara 25, and my girlfriend is 24 will be 25 in august. I am a vet technician & we've been together since 2007. I planned on being a SMBC so after a few months of dating I felt I should tell my girlfriend my plans just incase she wanted to run lol. She was fine with it I told her I don't expect anything more than a girlfriend from her not a second parent. So we did our first insemination at home and I got pregnant. I was so shocked I set on the toilet for about 30 minutes and she cried. By the time we went in for my appointment I was 11 weeks and we got to see Olive and it was instant love on her part, tired of morning sickness on my part lol. So she decided she infact wanted to be a parent and she's been her other mom ever since! It was rocky at first bringing a baby home since she had never been around a baby ever, but now she's a pro and we plan to try for a boy[crossing fingers] at the end of 2011. Olive is born in my birth month and we plan for the second baby to be born in my girlfriends birth month, not sure if we will use the same donor or not.
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    I'm Nikki(37), my partner is Brandy(28) We currently live in Ft. Myers, FL(Please let the worst of the oil disaster miss us somehow!) We've been together a little over four years, proud parents of Dylan, carried by Brandy born 3-8-09 by emergency c section (he was head down, but turned face up & just wouldn't budge) - we used NW, home insems, same donor for 5 cycles when it finally worked...we were and still are overjoyed! We would love to try for another one day, but need to see how the career/money thing works out, I was laid off last September & am currently studying to do medical billing/coding, should be done by the end of this year...Brandy is hoping to start grad school next year at USF in Tampa, so if we do try again it won't be 'til she's close to finished with all that...we would be just as happy if D stays an only child too...we are pagan also & follow the philosophy of what is meant to be will be...I love this board...have been fortunate enough to meet some members in person & I feel like I know most of the others too!!
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    Hello!!! My Name is Lanie(32) and my partner is Viv (36). We live in texas and its HOT here all the time!!!! I have 3 children ages 16, 13 and 9. My oldest has cerebral palsey and my yougest has MR and a type of Autism. I am a SAHM and Viv works in the optical field. Viv pregnant for the second time. We lost the first one in april at 10 wks. We look forward to getting to know everyone!!
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    My name is Kay I am 26 years old My DP is Jay she is also 26 but will be 27 this year we are mommy to Imperial age 7 bio child carried by me from another relationship but jay has raised her with me since she was 2 years old. Aeiress is 1 years old and we did an at home IUI from a different sperm bank on our first try I carried her. Yael is 2 years old and our adopted son we have had him since he was 6 days old. Jaxson is 6 years old and is Yaels bio brother who we received jaxson a few months after we received yael because jaxson was in a different foster home we adopted him also to keep them together. We live in Pa I work as a shareholder specialist for a mutual funds transfering agent. Jay is contracted to the Air force as military police. Jay and I met in the second grade we were in the same class. In 2005 we became a couple.
    KAY 26 (BABY OVEN) JAY 27 (DP)
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    i'm jennifer,smbc.and adrianna grace born 12/5/07 with donor #169.pregnant now with known donor will naylor.we live in northeast TN.i first found out about NW when i was 19years old.i was still living with my mom and had a small preschool in my home.i was not old enough to use NW so i talked my mom into being a foster parent.she moved out when i was 21 to take care of her mother.thats when i first applied to NW but right afterwards i got a little boy who i was so sure i was going to get to adopt.i had 10 children come through my home in the two years that i was a foster parent.i came really close to adopting 2 of them but in the end they went back home.by this time my heart was crushed and i decided to try NW again.i was 22 when i concieved adri on the first try and thats when my life really began.
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    My name is Nina and my partner Char and I have finally crossed over to the beyond board...though it's early. We are just over 5 wks pregnant and are over the moon!
    We are so excited to be starting our family! :)

    We tried at-home AI with frozen from NW from Oct 08-Mar 09 unsuccessfully...and then got smarter and moved onto Doc assisted IUI. While getting ready for that process we discovered during a transvaginal u/s that my cervix and uterus are VERY tilted (which is likely what make at at-home process near impossible!) No other fertility issues however.
    We loved our doc from day 1...and the entire office staff. They have all been like family and treated us with such care and provided so much support along the TTC journey.
    Well on our 2nd IUI we got pregnant but had a very early m/c. :( Though we stayed positive and went right back at it the next cycle. Though this time just as added "insurance" Doc Traci had me take Femara from CD5-9...to help maintain a healthy early pregnancy and improve progesterone levels, as well as stimulate egg production.
    So 7/12/10 we had our last IUI and here we are pregnant. This time feels different, better! We already had two blood tests done and all came back above average (i.e. HCG & progesterone levels). Doc is happy thus far...as of course are we. :)

    Anyway, that's our TTC journey in a nutshell...sure there will be much more excitement to come in the next 9 months. I enjoyed having the TTC board to refer to when I had questions or concerns, and just to remember I'm not alone in all of this. It's fun to have other women to share my ups and downs with.

    Best of luck to everyone else! Happy and healthy 9 months all around! :)

    October 2014


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    My name is Autumn, hubby is Ryan (tough one I know). We live in Montana--he is native and I am from Michigan. We met in college, were married and have three amazing girls: Abigail, Kate and Olivia. Abigail & Kate were both born before we made "the big mistake" and had a vasectomy. We had an agreement before we were married that we would have two--no exceptions! Financially it made sense and due to the pregnancies being rough we followed through with that and had the vas when Kate was 6 weeks old. I regretted it almost immediatel! When she was 10 months we decided we wanted a reversal but we decided to use donor sperm instead. (mostly I regretted it at first and he didn't really care, but he came around about a year later) It would be more cost effective (most likely) and the best option for us. In April 2007, we had our darling Olivia born via a CCB donor. We would like to use "our donor" again, but his specimens have a genetic restriction because of a child born via his sperm with a cleft lip. At this point we are not sure what to do about that, but reguardless...we plan to TTC late February, 2011. We are hoping for a son this time!!!
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    Hi, I'm Cathy. I live in Virginia and have a five-year-old son named Zach. I tried to conceive #2 at home for six cycles before deciding I needed to enlist the help of my RE. I am currently expecting in June of 2011. I have been mostly a lurker on the ttc boards, but hope to become more active in posting here.
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    Hello Everyone!! Decided I would officially join the Beyond side. I know some of you may already know us but I just wanted to introduce for the sake of it.

    I am Courtney (glasses), I am 21 and my wife Ali is 27. We have been together a little over 3 years and we are completely in love. I am a paralegal for a Bankruptcy law firm and Ali is an accountant for her family's business. We live in southern Alabama and would love to move somewhere more liberal but we love our families way too much to leave them. We knew we wanted kids right away and just waited for the "right" time. We would always set a month we would start trying then something or another came up. This past August I turned 21 and we planned a huge trip to Vegas that included most of the women in my family and Ali's bestfriend. I knew I didn't want to be pregnant for my 21st birthday so we decided as soon as we came back we would start TTCing. We tried our September cycle ( I joined the boards then). It was our first BFN, we thought for sure we would get pregnant the first try but weren't that lucky. We tried in October which ended up in a BFN as well. Then we tried in November and what do ya know, BFP!!!! So here we are now, at 5 weeks pregnant just waiting for August to come! We are so thrilled and can't wait to experience the joys of motherhood!
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    Hey there, I am Stephanie(26) and my wife is Samantha(21). We have two children Jarrod is 7 and Jaedyn is 3. Both I carried and are from previous relationships. Samantha will be adopting Jarrod in 2012. Samantha is also pregnant with our third baby, due May 8, 2012. We have both been members of this site for a good 6 months and chime in or ask questions here and there. We both like to read the posts and blogs of other members. We are looking forward to conversing with other members and making new friends.
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    My partner and I are 7 weeks with quads. Used 1855 and it worked the first time. Curios if any one has pics of 1855 babies?
  • unojokerunojoker Posts: 5
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    Hello my name is Becky I am 42 yrs old with a handsome 7 year old son, I am new to this site and just would like to know how it all works and what can I do to find a picture of my donor we cant even remember our donor number we believe it is 126 026 or 020.
    Calel is the best and he is asking questions about his dad can anybody help me with a answer I tell him he has me but he is getting bigger and already very smart but as a parent I just want to be able to tell him something and to even re-insure him that he has one and give him the details later. Besides all of that we are very happy and he doesn't seem to mind because he is the only guy in school who has a Becky he likes that so do I.
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    unojoker wrote:
    Hello my name is Becky I am 42 yrs old with a handsome 7 year old son, I am new to this site and just would like to know how it all works and what can I do to find a picture of my donor

    Hi Becky ~

    NW does not offer pictures of the donors. They just recently started offering baby pictures of the donors IF the donor submits them.

    Sorry - hope that helps
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    to Heather thanks for the reply I am just going to find our donor number and check up on siblings and such.
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    jenoglv wrote:
    My name is Jennifer. I am a SMBC, pregnant with my first baby (a little boy). I am due this November and the time can't pass fast enough. I live in the Dallas, TX area and have all my life. I work in a department that does pipeline safety training courses and I'm responsible for putting together our meeting documentation. I have a lot of rescue cats, one dog and a rescue guppie (fish). I love to travel and hope to share that love with my future children.

    HI we're MJ & Alexis and we are in Dallas , Tx to. We are ttc now and are in our Tww. Congrats on your baby boy!
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    HI, I'm MJ and my wife is Alexis. We have been together since jan of 2002 and married July 28th in Vegas. I would post a pic, but I'm on my phone. We have a 18yr old and a 15 yr old one boy and one girl. We live in Dallas, Tx and are originally from Kansas. We are currently in our Tww with a donor from nwc. This is our second time using this donor with IUI insemination done by a RE. We also took 50mg of clomid and hcg shot. I think it was 50mg. Anyways, nice to meet you all.

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    Hi there! My partner and I had quadruplets that decided to come early. They are born on March 29, 2012 at 27 weeks. They have been in the NICU for almost 10 weeks now and we just found out that 3 of the 4 are having milde to moderate respitory issues right now and we are being asked for family histories. Does anyone out there have the long profile for 1855 that they are willing to share? If you do, please let me know!
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    We are Tiffiny and Taye. We have a 4 year old we both adopted together a little over a year ago. She has been with us since she was almost 3. Also just found out we are expecting #2 after our first try with donor 901a. I think this I like his third positive after the first try. Now we are just hoping for a sticky bean and a great 9 months. Look forward to getting to know you guys on this side.
    #1 10/2012: BFP!
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    We are Tiffiny and Taye. We have a 4 year old we both adopted together a little over a year ago. She has been with us since she was almost 3. Also just found out we are expecting #2 after our first try with donor 901a. I think this I like his third positive after the first try. Now we are just hoping for a sticky bean and a great 9 months. Look forward to getting to know you guys on this side.

    Congrats on your BFP! My (transgender) hubby and I are looking at possibly using 901A as well. I'm looking forward to your updates!
    Us: Together since '07, engaged '09, married '11. Trying to start a family since '09. 1 BFN.
    Me: Child dev. degree, nanny to 5 for 5.5yrs, digital print artist, portrait photographer.
    *Leaving. Message me if you'd like to keep in touch*
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