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  • kia75kia75 Posts: 1
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    I am excitedly awaiting my first package of swimmers, which are expected tomorrow. I am in Seattle, 35, and heading toward being a smbc, I hope, after having thought about it for many years. I wish you all the best of luck and me too :)


  • joismommyjoismommy Posts: 1
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    Hi everyone. I'm Joismommy and new to the world of making babies this way. I am currently going through a divorce and I am ready to have another baby now. My little one who will be 8 soon has been asking me for a very long time for a little sister or brother. I know she will be a good helper and and excellent big sister. I can't believe that I am finally ready. Wooohooo for me & Joi!!

    I hope to meet some friends and offer and get some support. Thanks for having me. :D
  • single31single31 Posts: 95
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    My name is Kris I am almost 32 and I live in central Texas. I am tired of waiting for mister right and have decided to become a SMBC!! GIRL POWER! LOL. October was my first at home ICI with donor #2145, i am currently still waiting to see if it was a success, if not i will not be discourged, and will keep trying until i fulfill my dream! All the ladies I have( met ) on the boards have been wonderful, always willing to answer questions, or offer advice. I was under the impression that this would be a lonley isolating process, but it has been a joy. Baby dust to us all.
  • who'syourdaddy?who'syourdaddy? Posts: 2
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    Hi lovely ladies of N.W.!! My name is Leslie, and I live in a mid-size city in the midwest. I'm separated from my husband of ten years, and at 39 yrs. old, am facing a whole new lifepath. I've considered myself a born nurterer, mothering all around me since I was a kid myself! I've been employed as an infant teacher at a local pre-school since I was 21, (that's 18 yrs. now!), and despite the inherent occupational stress, still love it. My husband and I tried for several years immediately after we were married, to start our family, to no avail. After 3 yrs. of heartbreaking monthly letdowns, he was tested,and found to have a low count that would inhibit natural conception. He had underwent a year and a half of intensive chemo. and radiation treatments for Hodgeskin's Disease 9 yrs. before we met, and although he was and still is, in remission, his doctor never advised him to bank sperm, only to wait several yrs. before trying to conceive another child (he has a child from a previous marriage). As devastating as his diagnosis was, we were told that we were still good candidates for I.U.I. w/his sperm, but it would be costly (close to $2,000 per attempt just to spin "em & put "em in).
    We saved, took a last "couple w/out kids" vacation, and returned to him being laid off. One obstacle after another in the following years prevented us from ever having the expendable income to give it a try. We're separated now, and I have realized over the last year or so, that I've got to "make it happen" for myself. I'm tired of my dreams being put on hold...let's go!!

    Which brings me here:) My sister "babybaby" after years of dating disappointments, found herself thinking of this option, and found N.W. I thought it was interesting, listened through her litany of reasons that made perfect practical sense, and found myself toying with the idea privately. She attempted it about 10 mos. ago, but got her timing off, and is waiting for the new year to give it another go. I've been perusing your forums for a bit now, and have gained the courage to seriously consider this, from all of you single moms, in particular. What is so great here, is to see women from all different backgrounds , be it married, lesbian, single, atheist, pagan, christian, etc. rallying around each other in support of the most basic and beautiful dream and right: motherhood. So beautiful, and I can't wait to start my journey w/ you!!
  • CharlesiaCharlesia Posts: 1
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    Hello everyone. My name is Charlesia, but call me Charlie, since that is easier to remember. Here is my deal.

    I am involved in a loving relationship...with another female. We just started talking about kids. We would both like to have at least one child and since I don't have a back injury, I would be the one carrying. She's 36 and I'll be turning 36 in a couple of weeks. Right now, I am an online college student, who will graduating in a couple of weeks with my Bachelor's degree. I plan on going on for my Master's right away and since I do my schooling from home, there is no need for daycare, since the Master's will take me a couple of years yet. My partner works in a well paid hospital position, so we are not to worried about finances. We don't want to wait to much longer, because my biological clock is "ticking", so to speak.

    We are looking at sperm banks and artificial insemination. The thing is, right now, I am on birth control..low dose Seasonique. I'm wondering if I should finish up this month and stop it then, or do I stop it now? I'm taking it because I have very heavy periods and I get a lot of painful cramps. This is only my fourth month of taking it and since they are only samples (to see if it actually works for me or not)...I'm not sure what exactly to do.

    I also haven't decided if we were going to do this at home or have our physician do it for us. We are still gathering information about this...the pros and cons, safety and complications, etc. This is all new to us, so anything that can help us with our decision is greatly appreciated.

  • Bezingue22Bezingue22 Posts: 1
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    I am Dana. My husband is Joe. We have been TTC Since Jan 2006. We had one miscarriage in 2007. Since than I have been diagnosed with PCOS, Very High Insulin levels, and Also C677T MTHFR. I am taking baby asprin and Folgard for that. My husband has been diagnosed with MFI. He has 14 Million Motile Sperm but only 1% Normal Morphology, most of the abnormals being with the acrosome missing or enlarged. The RE said enlarged acrosome is not as bad as it being missing. Giving a 3% Chance of conceiving naturally. She says IUI may possibly work! We Just decided to try donor sperm for a couple months and if it doesn't work than maybe we will try IUI with my husband.
    I will be doing 100mg clomid, follie u/s, and ovidrel for timing of @ home AI!

    Timeline as follows. Will revise as neccessary :

    Provera - Nov 17th- Nov 21st
    Af starts - Nov 25ish
    Clomid 100mg
    Follie u/s - Dec 7ish
    @ Home AI - Dec 10th-13th
    Dana & Joe TTC Since Jan 2006 ( Not Currently Trying )
    MFI- 1% Morphology Mostly Acrosome Issues
    RIP Joseph Kade - My Angel In heaven 5-27-07 @ 11 Weeks

  • PiratedogmamaPiratedogmama Posts: 16
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    Hi! I am Michele. I have been here awhile so I figured I should write in. My DH and I met in high school and we dated on and off. We finally reconnected and married in 2003. We have our DD Kira who is three and a half. In 2008 we decided we wanted to have another child but due to fertility issues for DH we opted to go the AI route with DS. We had our first try on February 7, 2009 which resulted in our DD Sloane being born on October 5, 2009! It was our first try, we did IUI assisted by our RE with no fertility meds.
  • jmc11782jmc11782 Posts: 1
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    Hi, my name is Johanna and I am new to TTC...One day my best friend suggested that I try this method, I have always wanted a child...I'm 27, will be 28 in January and am tired of waiting for Mr. Right...I am making the decision to be a single mother by choice, if I meet Mr. Right later on that would be great...
    I'm currently in the process of filling out the registration forms and will be sending them off in the next few days...I'm saving a little money back from my paycheck every two weeks, in the mean time, I will be keeping track of my cycle... I have always been pretty regular, have always kept track of AF coming and going and AF seems to always be right on time, but have never kept track of my ovulating and will be starting soon with ovulation kits while I save money...
    Right now I'm just enjoying reading all of your posts on this forum and checking out the donor catalog, my best friend who gave me the idea is so excited that I'm going to do this and can't wait to spoil my soon to be child and I can't wait till the day I will be able to order by vials...
  • JadenShreiJadenShrei Posts: 1
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    Hi, my name is Jade and I am new to TTC so forgive me if I don't know what all the abbreviations mean. I am 26 and my partner is 28 and we have been together for 6 years. We got married last June and since then have been waiting on the perfect time to try and conceive. We currently live in TN and will be trying for the first time in January. I have been keeping record of my period which was regular for about a year and then all of a sudden last month it was irregular so that is making me a little nervous. Regardless we are both very excited and would love to hear any suggestions that anyone may have for trying to conceive. I purchased the clearblue fertility monitor....has anyone used before?
  • RhondaTashiaRhondaTashia Posts: 4
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    Hello Everyone... My name is Tashia and my DP is Rhonda and we are engaged to be married after four short years of dating:D We are hoping to complete our family on our fourth and prayfully final cycle . Our very first cycle here at NW was successful however 7 weeks later we had to terminate the pregnancy due to an blighted ovum. So here we are again on our fourth cycle trying for our baby girl (i'm hoping for) or boy (Rhonda's hoping for).

    *waving babydust at everyone*
  • carolinepeterscarolinepeters Posts: 1
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    My name is Caroline. I'm 44 and planning my first round of AI in January. I kept waiting for the right guy to come along to have a family with and it didn't happen, so finally I decided to just do it! My family and friends have been really supportive. I had to deal with some feelings of inadequacy for not being able to find a guy . . . but I think I'm mostly through that. I know I'm kind of old to have a baby - "Elderly Primip" - but I still ovulate regularly and really want to have a baby. So .. . . here goes!
  • glb_trekkerglb_trekker Posts: 1
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    My name is Robynn (38). My partner and I have been planning for about 5 months and we'll be doing our first iui in Jan.
    I was wondering why the price here is a lot less than cali cryobank. Is anyone here from california that uses NW's sperm ? Any tips you might have for us?

    Thank you,
    [email protected]
  • Trae&TracyTrae&Tracy Posts: 199
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    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Tracy (32) and my partner's name is also Tracy (40), but everyone calls her Trae'. We have been together for 8 years and are getting ready to do our first home insemination in January. We are super excited and nervous and anxious and all of those emotions that this whole experience brings along. I guess you could say that we are doing things a little backwards since we are getting married in August but trying to get pregnant now; I have no problem with being a pregnant bride! We currently live in SC but are originally from MA, which is where we will be married. I have been ready to be a mother for quite a few years now but Trae had reservations, she just wasnt ready, but over the last few years everything changed. We are both very much on the same page now and ready to be married and to be parents and to start our family. I know this sounds so cliche but I faithfully watch 'A Baby Story" on TLC every day on my lunch break and I cry every time I watch it (even when I watch repeats) LOL. Anyway, I have been tracking my cycles for about a year now and started taking prenatal vitamins a little over a month ago. I was very overweight and in my research learned that it is more difficult for women who are overweight to conceive so I have recently lost 50 lbs. I am still not at an ideal weight for someone of my height but I am making strides. I was so happy to find NW and this blog forum on NW's website! It is so nice to interact with other people who are going through the same experience. I know that this is going to be an emotional roller coaster ride and the supportive atmosphere here in the forum is going to be a huge help. Good luck to everyone else TTC!!!! :D
    7 home ICI's (2010-15) - BFN
    1st medicated IUI w/RE - March 2016 - BFN
    2nd medicated IUI/wRE - April 2016 - BFN
  • hedyjohedyjo Posts: 1
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    I am Hedy (34) and I live in Washington State. My wonderful husband and I have been ttc for 3 1/2 long years. We have tried many things, and are now trying some donor insemination. My husband had one child who passed away, and he and I have my son from my previous marriage--whom he calls the child of my body and his heart. Our trek has been long and hard, as I know many on here have experienced, and I am trying to have some positive energy for our newest attempts. We have had one BFN, but are ready to try again this month. I am new to the board, and would love to meet some new friends.

  • wannababewannababe Posts: 1
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    hello my name is fatham and me and my dh is ttc he had a vasectomy 8 years ago so we are going through AI Im hoping it wont be along journey will see..
  • lovelymswolflovelymswolf Posts: 149
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    :) I am Melissa and My Partner and I are starting this process now. I am very excited, but so new to the whole thing. Most of what I know is from the research that I have done, and I also know of one woman who has concieved through Nw, and has a beautiful baby boy!

    I am so anxious to do everything I can to get the ball rolling. I am nervous about picking the right donor. I am also hoping that I can get my ovulation tracked correctly. I am looking for the saliva test.. thought I would be able to get one on here but i cant find one. I am making an appt to have blood work done asap, and starting on prenatal pills. Is there anything else I can be doing? Or any advice anyone has to give would be wonderful!!

    Thank you so much!
  • mylovemylove Posts: 1
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    Hello, everyone! I'm no good at this introduction type thing, but here I go. I'm Stephanie, 23, and ready to start a family. I'll be ( hopefully! ) a single mommy with the support of my friends and family. I've simply given up on finding a husband based on the horrible experiences that I've had with men. I'm looking to start the journey in January, and hopefully I won't have to try after that!

    Good luck and may God bless and protect each and every one of you during this special time of trying to expand ( or start ) your family! Happy New Year, ladies! May it bring you stinky diapers, beautiful cries of joy, and enough smiles to last a lifetime! :)
  • frogpdxfrogpdx Posts: 6
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    My wife (Turtle) and I (Frog) are TTC our first child. Turtle will carry first. As we are so new to this process, we are enjoying reading the forum posts and following several blogs. We are learning so much! We started our own blog recently (www.turtleplusfrog.wordpress.com) to help us document our journey. Best wishes to you all!
  • Natosha.BlackNatosha.Black Posts: 2
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    Hello Everyone! My name is Natosha and my wife and I are on our second time TTC. We are using donor 478g, which has confirmed pregnancies and are hoping that we will be part of the confirmed...And successful! My wife's name is Sara and we have been together for alomst 6 years.

    Right now I am currently on CD 29 and still no AF. I took a HPT yet got a BFN, so I am hoping AF either arrives soon so I can order my swimmers or not in which I will test again. I never realized how stressful TTC would be.

    I just wanted to find some support out there that was able to relate to us. There are so many contradictions online about what to expect, its nice to just have someone to talk to that is currently going through what you are. I would love to hear from anyone who is interested...
  • Natosha.BlackNatosha.Black Posts: 2
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    So I realize that I posted without actually introducing myself. Again my name is Natosha. My wife is named Sara. We have been together for alost 6 years..."Married" for 5. I am 25 and she is 24.

    Currently I am in school finishing up my degree in Psychology before starting on the path to getting my P.A. (Physician's assistant). My wife is almost finished with her degree in FHS (Family Human Studies) or Teaching Degree...She only has a few semesters so she will be making her final decision about her degree shortly. She eventually wants to open her own private daycare seeing as everyone we know has children and she is AMAZING with them! We call her mother hen, lol...

    This is our 2 time TTC, in which I hope is stuck...I am CD 29 with no AF but I have some cramping which could mean she is on her way :(

    We are using donor 478G.
  • TrishlettesTrishlettes Posts: 674
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    OK so Ive been lurking on NWAC for about a year. Im not exactly sure what I am.... LOL Part SMBC part no luck with relationships till now but now I have the loving relationship, he has infertility issues.
    Me 38, 39 in May. Registered Nurse in the private non profit world giving free care to the low income uninsured. I love what I do! I have lived in several places over the last 15 years had several long term relationships that just werent right.... So I put off having a family cause I wanted it all. Perfect Husband, Warm and Loving home, Financial Security ETC..... SO I got the Warm and loving home ON MY OWN three years ago, I have Financial Security ON MY OWN, I have a wonderful supportive family. Ive really been so ready to have a baby for like 3 years, but was holding out for the husband. I got to the point where I was just going to do it on my own and met my BF. Great guy, 46, never married no kids.... Seems perfect right? Well he has ED and the cause is low Testosterone which gives him seriously sub optimal sperm. Low count, no motility, poor morphology. The kicker is to fix the ED and the Low T, he has to take Testosterone replacement which completely stops his testes from making any sperm.................. So its been a long year of Doctors appointments and dissapointments all around. We have finally decided this is the way to go........... Trying to preserve his swimmers is a very long and involved process with lots of different meds and injections and no garantee it will work. NO THANK YOU!
    Ive been tracking my cycles for three years and have the Clear Plan fertility monitor. Aside from two or so annovulatory cycles(by monitor) over the last three years I am super regular 27day cycle with O on day 13 EVERY TIME. I had my pre pregnancy check up and all hormones are in line. I am slightly concerned my periods are lighter than they used to be. I used to be a heavy flower for five days now Im heavy for one day and im done in three. Ive been taking a prenatal and a baby asprin a day for a few months and I go to accupuncture twice a month. Im placing my first order as soon as AF starts which should be this week! Im praying for a beginners luck BFP!
  • lisanahum17lisanahum17 Posts: 1
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    I am all new to this so hopfully I am posting right. i am considering using this bank I have never used a bank before but I am 31 and I really want to be a mommy to a houseful before I die. I am very interested in the success of this bank and if it is for real or not.
  • DReamerGrlDReamerGrl Posts: 2
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    Hi everyone...I used to be on here alot last year but things never worked out so we took a break...and now I am back and so ready for this to happen for us. I have two older children...13 and 15. I am 33 and married to my high school sweetheart. We are using donor sperm because my h is no longer fertile. We have wanted this for the last 5 years. 2 years ago I had a miscarriage and we waited a year to try with no luck and now we are back again. I am very VERY hopeful that this is my time!!
    Baby Dust Wishes Sent to Everyone!!!

  • RhiannaRhianna Posts: 1
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    Hi everyone!

    I have been a lurker here for several months now, but this is my first post. I'm Rhianna, I am 36, and I live in south Florida. I'm single - like so many other SMBCs, I've just never found Mr. Right. Unlike a lot of you though, I never really thought much about having children before. I guess I just assumed that some day I would find the right guy, and everything would happen "the way it's supposed to" - ha! :rolleyes:

    About a year or two ago though, my biological clock, which has been very quiet most of my life, suddenly started ticking very loudly. It has gotten so loud the last few months, I knew I had to do something, I just didn't know what. I never even knew AI was an option until recently - I was idly doing a Google search one day on sperm banks after seeing an episode of "Flash Forward" on TV that touched on it, and now here I am. I was so shocked and excited to find this place, and even more excited after I started reading the forums and found out that I am NOT the only woman in the world to be going through this!!

    My first shipment of little swimmers arrives late this week, and sometime between then and early next week should be my first TTC. Thank you NW for providing this forum, and thanks to all the ladies out there who provide such support and encouragement for everyone. I am very honored and excited to be among you! :D
  • btravelsbtravels Posts: 1
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    Hello everyone. I'm brand new to NW but have been considering AI for about a year. I'm 37, live in Phoenix and after realizing I may not find Mr. Right before the window closes on my oppurtunity to become a mother, I've decided to go the route of SMBC. I'm scared, nervous, excited, happy and overwhelmed all at the same time. A part of me is still mourning the idea of what I thought my family would be like and I'm trying to come to terms with a new vision. I worry if I'll feel lonely going through a pregnancy on my own and what that day will be like when I bring my baby home from the hospital by myself. I do have the support of my friends and my mother, however she lives 2600 miles so she wont be around on a regular basis to help out. Even with all my uncertainties I know that to go through life without ever knowing the joy of motherhood would be devastating to me. So here I am. I've just registered and still "shopping" for a donor but plan to give it my first try next month. Writing this makes it seem more real. Soon I wont have to stand in front of the mirror with a pillow under my shirt to imagine what I would look llike pregnant and wont feel like the creepy lady wondering the aisles of Babys R US without a purpose. Wish me luck
  • lavender10lavender10 Posts: 1
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    Hi, I am new here! I have been lurking for a long time but finally got the courage to say hello. DH and I are planning our first attempt around the fourth of April. So many emotions but just tracking my cycle and trying to drop a few pounds. Also trying to wean off of paxil, anyone have any experience with this? My doc says to do it slowly but I am worried I will have issues after being on it for over 3 years.
    Looking forward to getting to know you all :)
  • Molly88Molly88 Posts: 14
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    Hi, all!
    I'm Molly and my DW is Courtney. We are new to all of this as most seem to be. Planning our first AI in June and have been tracking for a couple months.
    Any advice or helpful suggestions would be great.
    10/2011-9/2012, All BFN
    10/2012- TWW....
  • melmelmelmel Posts: 23 ✭✭
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    Hi-my name is Melanie. My partner and I have a daughter that is almost 4. She is from another bank. She has albinism. She is wonderful. We are so blessed. We would like to conceive again. Melanie-we are looking at Cli
  • frannathfrannath Posts: 1
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    Hello everyone. I'm new on NW, I am hoping to soon be SMBC, I am considering ICI at home by June, but first I have to take care of some health issues . I just turn 36 last month and around a year ago I realized I may not find Mr. Right , I've decided to be SMBC. I'm so happy but also scared. I was born on a big family and I have an identical twin sister, but because my family and I, are so religious, I am not able to show how happy I am to hopefully soon be a mom. I worry of a lot of thing but I know that will be a blessing the day I bring home mu little angel. I am hoping to find in this forum the support I need. Thank to all of you. Wish me luck, lol, sorry for my english, my first language is spanish....
  • natlannatlan Posts: 72
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    Hello everybody!

    I've been lurking on the forum for a couple of weeks and figured I should register and introduce myself. I'm Landry and I'll be 31 later this week; my wife, Natalie is 27. We currently live in Las Vegas, but definitely want to move out of Nevada within the next few years. She and I were legally married in Massachusetts on 9/8/09 (with just the two of us and the Justice of the Peace) and we are in the middle of planning our big wedding celebration (with our family and friends) for 4/24/10. We are very excited about starting a family shortly after that and hope to be pregnant later this year. I will be carrying the first time around and she will carry the second, preferably with the same donor.

    I've been doing lots of research on AI and have been tracking my cycle, plus I'm trying to be as healthy as possible for my future baby. These forums are great and I love the honesty and encouragement that I've seen so far. I'm sure the time will come when I am incredibly overwhelmed, but right now I am just very excited about this new chapter in my life.

    Cycles 1-5 = BFN, Cycle 6 = BFP (miscarried), Cycles 7-22 = BFN, Cycle 23 = BFP (miscarried), Cycle 24 = BFP...Twins!

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