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Introduce Yourself :)



  • TLC30TLC30 Posts: 1
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    Hi all!

    My name is T. I've been lurking for several months and have been wanting to be a mommy for as long as I can remember. I'll be 30 this year and decided I don't need to wait around for a man to achieve the ultimate dream and obtain what I really want for myself which is to be the best mommy that I can be. So I've decided to start the journey to become a SMBC. I haven't submitted my paperwork yet. I've just been doing as much research as possible and these boards have really helped. I'm very excited to start this journey and I'm so glad that I found all of you ladies on this forum. =)
  • lilybelle80lilybelle80 Posts: 4
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    I have been lurking on the site for a couple of years now and decided it's finally time to jump in! I live in the Seattle area, just turned 30, and will be a smbc! I did a couple of at home IVI's in early 2009 then took a break for a while. I am now working with a nurse practitioner who will be doing my IUI's starting in the Spring(Mar-May). I love all how supportive you all are of each other and really appreciate all of the great info I have learned from your posts!
  • ChrysJonChrysJon Posts: 1
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    Hi! I"m 29 and my partner is 28. We live in St. Pete florida. March 10thish will be our first TTC. We are sooo excited. We picked donor 6144 who doesn't have any preg's listed so that's a major concern for us. Why is there only one black donor? We've been reading this forum for months in preparation for our first TTC. Of course we are crossing our fingers this first time will be BFP but are prepared for several months of trying. My gyno says I am perfectly healthy so we will start without any meds. We don't want to be the next octomoms! This forum has been a blessing for us in learning about AI and increasing our chances! Thank You!:D
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    BFP on 4th try with known donor Due April 12 2011
  • Tiff&KoriTiff&Kori Posts: 1
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    Hi! I'm Tiffani & my partner is Kori. I will be the one carrying as physically Kori isn't able to. With our blended family we have four kiddos & really want to have one of we can call ours. We're getting ready for our third attempt- at home, no medications. The first attempt was disastrous lol :D our second attempt we thought went well, thought I was pg but to no avail.. We feel more prepared knowledge-wise & hoping that the third time really will be a charm! ;)
  • AshNkkAshNkk Posts: 95
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    Hello Everyone!! I am Ashlee in TN and live with my girlfriend Katherine (KK). We just registered with NW this morning and are starting to get the ball rolling. I have no idea how to do this, so I'm excited to have found this forum!! I will be the one carrying this time..and trying to get things in order! Is anyone ever really ready though?!! :lol: We plan to start trying after the summer!! Best of luck to everyone here!!
  • jbjb Posts: 1
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    Hi. I'm J.B. I just joined this board. I'll be trying my first AI in March. I'm single and a little on the young side but I want to have my children young. That's all I can think of!
  • babystarbabystar Posts: 203 ✭✭
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    Hello, NW Family!!

    My name is Cristal(32) & my life partner is Jenna(25) we have been together for 4 years. I conceived in 2004, and on April 29th 2005 the result was a "Beautiful bouncing baby boy! He's my reason for everything I do. Jenna and I started talking about trying to conceive in early 2009. Our first attempt was in June last year. Our 6th attempt was the charm!! We got our BFP on Valentines Day 2010!!!!! Thrilled ! Best Wishes to all!!! :)
  • T_bearT_bear Posts: 1
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    Hi Everyone!
    My name is Stacey(33) and my Partners name is Trina(32) we are new at this TTC journey and super excited!! I have 3 wonderful children 11,8,and7, two boys and 1 girl, from a previous relationship. Trina will carry for us this time and it will be her first. Thank you for all your help in advance because I am sure we will be asking tons of questions. Our first attempt will be in March 2010, wish us luck! Good Luck to all on your TTC jouney's!
  • rharris80rharris80 Posts: 43
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    Hello and welcome to all the newcomers! I hope your time here on the ttc side is short and all of you get your BFP soon! :)
  • miracle08miracle08 Posts: 1
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    Hi everyone!!

    Well, short story...my husband and I have been ttc for 5 years. We found out he has Azoospermia two years ago and we took a "time out" to figure out where to go and what to do. After a very long and hard two years, we have came to the decision to try DIUI'S...

    We are both very excited! We (me!) are in the midst of doing all the testing right now. I have my saline sonogram and HSG this week! We meet with the RE on the 17th to go over our game plan. We should know more then when our IUI will start!

    Looking foward to getting to know you all and share our stories...:D
  • Ar&DiAr&Di Posts: 1
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    My partner and I have been together for - almost - five year and now we feel ready to start a family. We are TTC this month for the first time. Our first AI (@home) will be next week (!!!!!) and we are very, very, very hopeful that everything its going to be POSITIVE... We originally thought about try this with a doctor but after lots of reading and talking we decided that we wanted a more intimate ambience to 'make a baby'. Hopefully, next Tuesday we will be 'making' our baby girl, Amara... :D
    try# 1 BFN, try#2 BFN, try# 3 BFN, try# 4 BFN (what??), try# 5, BFN, time for a break, try # 6 (in vitro)
  • AshsGirlAshsGirl Posts: 1
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    My name Is Brianna and my Husband Is Ash. We have been TTC for about 4 years when we finally decided to give this a try. We are so anxious to start a family but at the same time are very aware of the ups and downs. Hope to get a BFP soon....:)
  • tangotango Posts: 75
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    Hello. My partner and I are oldie-goldies! We successfully conceived through AI at home in 2005. We have a beautiful 4-year-old daughter named Kate. She is truly the light of our lives and we hope to make her a big sister very soon. We are trying to conceive this month, in a few days actually. My partner carried Kate and is carrying this time as well. I am shaking the rust off and getting back on this forum. I wish everyone the best and hope for baby dust all around!
  • indigoscotindigoscot Posts: 246
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    i never did introduce myself, so here goes! i'm g and have been on this forum since mid-2006! my dp d and i have 2 sons both conceived using anonymous donor sperm. i carried our oldest son b and he was born in 2007. my dp carried our newest arrival f and he was born in january this year. :) we were able to use the same donor for both boys.

    we plan on having a third baby and will start down that path next year. my dp will carry again since i will be 41 this year and have some blood clotting complications.

    we both had to battle some fertility issues along the way and are lucky to have found a wonderful re!

    i wish the best of luck to everyone and hope to see more bfps soon. :)

  • merryshannonmerryshannon Posts: 503
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    Hi all -- I've been lurking on this forum for several months, even though my fiancee and I aren't planning to start TTC for another year. We're getting married this May, and have a year's worth of home improvements, savings and general life-preparations before we'll actually start our TTC journey. But I'm one of those annoying type-A listmaking obsessive-planning type ladies, and so I've been eagerly studying up on fertility and TTC techniques in order to hopefully be in the best babymaking condition possible when we're ready to get started.

    My name is Meg, and I'm currently 30; I'm a social worker. My fiancee is Shasta, and she's six months older than me; she's a massage therapist and personal trainer who works from home. We're planning to have just one child -- I'll be the pregnant one because I have health insurance through my work, and because I've always wanted to experience pregnancy. :) We currently live in Denver with our two miniature pinschers and three cats.

    I spent my high school and college years working in a preschool/daycare center and I absolutely adore kids -- I'm really looking forward to being a mom! Shasta has seven (yes, SEVEN -- with three sets of twins) brothers and too many nieces and nephews to count, so she's excited to have one of her own as well. She's understandably hoping for a little girl, so for her sake that's what I'm keeping my fingers crossed for -- though IMHO, boys are super fun too.... ;)

    We haven't yet decided whether to try eliciting the *cough* services of a known donor or use frozen (though if we go with frozen, NW is our bank of choice!) We have plenty of time to decide, of course, but that issue and countless others are part of the reason I'm hopping into these forums early -- I'd love to pepper everybody with questions and get feedback as these decisions are made over the next year. Hopefully we'll have some good conversation to contribute and at the very least, an extra set of pom-poms for cheering on those BFPs for all the current TTCers!!
    Early ovarian failure. 4 failed ICIs, 6 failed IUIs. Donor Egg IVF in Greece: IVF#1 12/2014 - BFP, miscarried at 6WK3D. IVF #2 4/2015 - BFN. IVF#3 7/2015 - BFP. Baby boy Searc born 4/8/16 - 9lbs, 2 oz <3

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  • Les&AmyLes&Amy Posts: 2
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    Howdy everyone!

    My partner and I have been stalking this site for a couple months now, so I figure it's time to say hello and introduce ourselves ;)

    We live in Georgia and just celebrated our 6th year anniversary this past week :P . I am 31 and she is 27...I'll be carrying 1st simply because I'm older (ha!) but she will go next time around. We would like to have 2-3 children when all is said and done, but we will be overjoyed with whatever is destined for us!!I am so happy to have this forum and NW!! We are super excited to begin our journey and can't wait to order our 1st set of swimmers, hopefully around April or May!!

    Amy :)
  • knana81knana81 Posts: 1
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    My name is Kewanna and my partners name is Robin. We will be TTC this year and are praying to conceive early. We will be working with the fertility doctor in the beginning because of MY PCOS. We are very nervous about having another child. I have two from a previous relationship and they are not even happy that my partner is with me. Marriage and a family are important to us. We have been together for 9 years and endured everything. So I wonder how everyone else deals with naysayers? Has anyone tried IUI at home and has anyone conceived at home? We are new too this and could use lots of information. Best wishes to everyone. :)
    It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.
    ~e.e. cummings
  • glinder82glinder82 Posts: 120
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    Hi Ladies,

    My name is Gayla and my partner is Tisha. She has 3 children from a previous relationship (all girls 15,13, and 11). I have decided that I want a child of my own so we are starting the TTC process.

    I have been reading and trying to follow ya'lls blogs, but I am not quiet sure of all the abbreviations yet...lol. We were both a little shocked at how complicated all of this seems. I have a very irregular cycle and have no clue even where to start trying to track it or figure out when I am going to O.

    Any advise from anybody would be greatly appreciate. Like I said we both are completely new to this and have no clue whats going on or really where to start. Thanks!!!
  • Jessandnic13Jessandnic13 Posts: 6
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    My name is Nicole and my wonderful partners name is Jessica. We live in Oklahoma and have been together for 7 years. We have decided its time to start trying for the baby of our dreams. For the past three years, our two chihuahua's (Sakari & Aspen) have been our life so I hope they will be able to share the attention with a new one!

    Ive been a lurker for a few months now so I finally decided to register. I have been tracking my ovulation for about 5 months and ordered my first order (and hopefully last for atleast nine months!) of swimmers.

    I'm so excited to be apart of such a great site. Thanks:)
  • citta94citta94 Posts: 13
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    Hello Just wanted to introduce myself I am from Nevada and My name is Dawn I'm 36 my partner is 38 and we're ttc for a few months now with nw help.I have one daughter she's 13mo diffrent bank and trying for #2.we used 2 ici vials 1st time 2nd time 2 iui vials. with no luck.we changed donors this time around.if anyone would like to be my ttc buddy.I'm on cd 11 start opk sticks on thurs.
  • citta94citta94 Posts: 13
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    Hello Gayla and Tisha I read your post above and if you don't know when to start testing try to test on cd 10 to 12.you have to really keep a log of the cycle days (probably for 3-6 months) to really know for sure.its pretty easy after you know.when I first started out my periods were somewhat normal 31-33 days.get yourself a ovulation test and they have a q and a and a timeline of when to start testing. the real good ones are clearblue easy and first response.the generic kinds you get are not accurate for me anyway.I hope this helps you out loads of luck and baby dust to you...
  • ValarenValaren Posts: 1
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    My name is Val, and my husband and I are finally ready to TTC. I have PCOS, and my husband had a failed varicele repair (went from a a few swimmers to zilch in addition to nerve damage). So, now, we've decided to try to conceive w/DS. It's been a difficult choice, but after trying everything for him, it's the best answer for us (everything happens for a reason, right?!). I look forward to chatting w/ya'll!
  • GreenleeGreenlee Posts: 1
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    Hello. My name is Dee. I'm 37 years old and like many others, I decided to stop waiting for Mr. Right to start my family. I have been thinking about using a donor for about a year and decided to take the plunge this month. Did my first AI at home this weekend. Now for the two week wait!

    It is so nice to find so many people willing to share their stories. It has been a great help during my pre-planning.
  • Partner BPartner B Posts: 1
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    Hi, I'm Partner B (a pseudonym coined by my wife. It is also my official designation on our domestic partnership paperwork. She's Partner A.) You can call me PB for short. :)

    I've been hanging out here in the forums for a while, as we've been waiting and preparing to start the baby-making process. We were hoping to start trying last October, and after a setback or two we are FINALLY in the game! I am currently 8 DPO. After my +OPK, there was some debate about timing our inseminations (as if we haven't been researching this stuff for almost a year) but I think our decisions were good. Now we wait...some more...

    I've also spent most of the past year trying lots of natural treatments (acupuncture, Vitex, dietary changes, Chinese herbs) to even out my long, irregular cycles. I've seen some improvement, but it's still very frustrating, and I'm excited to see how many of you have had success with less-than-perfect cycles.

    When I'm not peeing on sticks, reading "The New Essential Guide to Lesbian Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth," or hanging out in NWAC forums, I work as a nanny for a group of kids ages 4 months to 3.5 years. I'm also in school part time, taking prerequisites for a degree in the health care field. When there's free time (ha!) I crochet, cook, and spend time with Partner A.

    I'm glad to meet you all! Good luck to everyone!
  • ljfor3ljfor3 Posts: 75
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    Hello everyone! My name is Lindsay and my DP's name is Jodi. We will shortly be trying to conceive #3 in a couple weeks. We have two girls, Alyssa, 4, and Addison, 2 from a previous donor who is no longer available. I carried both of them and this time around Jodi will be taking a turn. If that doesn't work out, then I will be trying again at the end of this year. I was supposed to be trying this month, BUT, the day I ordered, I broke my ankle. My job only lets me take off so many 6 weeks at a time, so I thought it best to just wait till my ankle heals, obviously!! Good luck to everyone! We're glad to be back in the game!!
  • nicknacknicknack Posts: 1
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    I am Nikki. I'm 33 and I live in Central PA and am attempting to become a SMBC. I have been thinking about doing this for years, but finally decided that it was 'now or (maybe) never' last year. Did attempt with a known donor - but found out that I had issues with one of my ovaries, which appear to have resolved themselves, so now I am trying again with NW. I ordered my 'boys' last week and am counting the days until AI. Glad to be here!
  • NCdogmomNCdogmom Posts: 1
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    Hi, I'm new ... I have not yet started trying. I'm having a really emotional morning and need to talk about it. I think I have waited too long, as I'm 42. I don't know. I never consciously decided not to have children, but it wasn't a priority before...I never met their father, and never felt financially secure enough to do it on my own. I didn't ovulate regularly in my 30s (ironically, I do now), and felt like I wasn't missing out until I was about 40.

    Now, I wish I'd made different choices. I am in excellent health, apparently ... am super active ... and reuniting with so many old friends on Facebook has finally kicked off my maternal drive. It's very hard, because the odds of me getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy are so slim now, and I worry whether everyone will see me as selfish for trying at this point (I'm single, I work full time, I have a dog...although, I work from home and my boss is very pro-motherhood, almost to a fault in terms of being a fair boss).

    I'm here because I worry that my ob/gyn may discourage me. Last year he suggested trying if I wanted to; this year, a week ago, he didn't mention it, and neither did I.

    I want to run throughout the land and tell women in their mid-30s who think they have so much time to please, please rethink that. I know so many like that; I was one.

    I want to try, maybe just once. And if it doesn't happen ... well, it doesn't. I know the odds of getting pregnant on the first try are ridiculous. I know I may get a little flamed for what I'm saying, but maybe someone here might be going through something similar. I am at the point where every month, when I know I'm ovulating, I mourn. (today I'm PMSed, so I guess I mourn twice a month...)

    Thanks for listening :) I don't feel I have anyone in my real life with whom I can be this raw right now.

    I am considering adoption as well.
  • ewalkerewalker Posts: 1
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    I am a 37 yo female who has TTC 7x via IUI, all unsuccessful. Four times, natural IUI, 3x on clomid. I am now going to try IVF and I am praying it takes. I am having such a hard time selecting a donor. I am really down about this. I do not know what these vague descriptions mean and all I know is I want healthy child. So far I have got my eye on 074. I have tried other sperm banks but I want to try something new so maybe I will get better results. I will be 38 in a few months and I am really feeling the pressure of it all. Wish I had been brave enough and smart enough to start as young as some of you all. Lots of beautiful kids on here. Trying to stay hopeful.
  • kewskews Posts: 7
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    I am TTC #4, we have 3 children (12, 10, 9). The youngest was born with Congenital Heart Disease and we were told we had a very high chance of having another child with CHD, so we decided to do a vasectomy. We regret that and are now trying again, with the hope of being able to reverse the vasectomy sometime within the next year. For financial reasons not sure how many cycles we will be able to do or when we can get the reversal.

    We are doing home inseminations and trying to figure all this out. We are originally from NY state (or I am hubby is from Vermont) and now are in Florida. I am 32 and he is 35.
    Kirsten (32) DH (35) Matthew (12) Catlin (10), Emily (9, and Open Heart Surgery Survivor) and TTC #4

  • TuckersMommaTuckersMomma Posts: 1
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    Hello everyone!! My name is Cassidy and I am 27 years old. My wife and I have been together for 3 years. After talking and talking about it we have now begun the process of TTC. We are currently the momma's to a wonderful dog named Tucker and are hoping to have a real little brother or sister for him soon.

    I have very regular cycles of 27 and 28 days. I have been taking prenatals for 2 months and baby aspirin for 1 month. I will also be taking mucinex for the five days leading up to ovulation.
    We are using Dr assisted insemination to increase our chances and make sure everything goes well. We decieded that with the emotional and money stress it can cause we want to make sure a professional does it. We dropped our registration papers off at the bank last week and also dropped off a photo for picture matching. The man there was very nice and helpful in making sure we had the papers filled out right and wrote things down for the person that was going to be doing the photo match.
    Overall we are very excited and happy with how things are going. We love our nurse thats going to be doing the insemination and can call her anytime (within reason)!
    I should ovulate next week around thursday or friday.
    I'm currently trying to figure out when to do the OPK. My nurse said to do it with the first urine of the day. I have heard people doing it mulitple times a day, however even if it was positive at 11pm we would have to wait until the am to get inseminated. I just don't want to waste tests, but also don't want to miss the opening.
    So thats my story, I have been lurking here for a while soaking in the information. I hope to get and give support and information while we are TTCing.

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