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Introduce Yourself :)



  • mkgtagmkgtag Posts: 2
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    I'm new to this and really dont know how to work the forum.
    Everyone sounds really friendly and is very supportive. I look forward to chatting with you all.
    My name is Miranda. My husbands name is Tracy. He was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma (cancer) when he was 2. He recieved chemo and radiation. He was given a small chance of living past the age of 7. He made it! He was in remission for 20 years when the cancer came back. He's now been cancer free for about 6 months. During his last bout of cancer he recieved radiation. Before the radiation (second dose) we knew he wouldnt be able to have kids. We have been to a fertaility clinic and were told that we could use a doner. The thing is, they dont take my insurance. I dont have the money to buy a plan and dont have the money to cover the costs of an insemenation at the clinic. When I thought all hope was lost, I found this website. I told my husband about it and we plan to order everything to do it ourselves at home. I look forward to ordering, recieving and doing the insemination. This has given me hope when all hope was lost.
    I have loved reading everyone stories and hope to make some new friends.
    Good luck everyone!
  • lanie&vivlanie&viv Posts: 81
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    Hello! I am Lanie and my wife is Viv. We live in Texas( i say Ya'll alot lol). I have had 3 children from a previous marriage. My oldest will be 16 and he has cerebral palsy. My middle one is 13 and the youngest is 9. My 9yr old has MR and a mild form of Autism. We started ttc using Viv's womb a yr ago with a known donor.. that didnt work. So we moved to frozen with an at home iui in jan of this year. On Valentine's day we found out we were expecting! But sadly that ended in a mmc on april 2. We plan to try again soon!
  • sarahjsarahj Posts: 1
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    Hi, my name is Sarah and I am raising my niece Lorin who is 7 1/2 and my nephew Jacob who is 5, they are the lights of my life. I brought Lorin home from the hospital and I've had her ever since, sadly I wasn't able to get jake until a year and a half ago, so he has had many problems but I'm happy to report with lots of love and a stable home he is thriving. I work part time and attend school online for my masters degree, thankfully I only have 1 year left :D. My mother divorced a few years ago and choose to come live with me and I actually love it, she is an amazing help with the kids and a really good friend. Last year I had surgery and was diagnosed with pcos and endometriosis, the drs then informed me that I may have trouble concieving if I put it off. I've never been that intrested in dating so I began to do research into my options and learned about being a smbc and ai, I went on Lupron for 6mos and then began charting my cycles. In the begining I was going to order frozen sperm in august but then met an amazing man who was willing to be a kd, so I will be doing my first insem on 5/28/10. I've been lurking on here for a few mos and gathering info, you guys are all so amazing and helpful so from the bottom of my heart thank you so much!! I'll let you know when I get my bfp!!:D
  • 2MomsinOregon2MomsinOregon Posts: 1
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    We are Beth and Juli. We've been together 7 years in August. I've (Beth) been looking around on here for awhile but finally decided to register and share our story.

    We have 2 kids, 14 & 10 from my previous marriage, but we are raising them as ours. Juli will be the one to carry the baby as I don't feel at my weight I am healthy enough to do so, although I didn't have problems with my previous pregnancies many years ago. So while we're trying to get Juli pregnant, I'll be working on my weight, just in case!

    We've been trying off and on for the past 4 years with known donors and are still working with a known donor right now, but I found this forum and love the info that's provided. We've also decided that if by the end of the year we haven't had any success with the known donor, we're going to switch to frozen and we LOVE that NW lets you order w/o a Dr.

    Our most recent try was 5/5/10 and we had a BFN on day 10 and 12 and AF arrived today :-( So it's back to the drawing board!!

    Good luck to everyone, I hope your journey leads you where you want to be!

    (Beth (me) is on the left, Juli (DP) is on the right)


  • Bella_NoirBella_Noir Posts: 1
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    I'm Bella (online, at least) from the Buckeye state. I'm 29, a History teacher, and this summer I hope to embark upon my first attempt at ttc. I'll be doing this as a SMBC (heh, and I thought the education system had a lot of acronyms!)...and weirdly, that's plan A for me. I've had a few relationships, but realized a few years ago that I don't really want to be anyone's Mrs. but I desperately want to be someone's Mommy. So...donor sperm. I'm very excited, researching like a fiend, drinking ridiculous amounts of water to pee on ovulation sticks, and just registered my account with NW, so within the next few weeks I plan to choose and purchase my donor. I don't appear to have any fertility problems, so I want to try at least a cycle or two of home inseminations before moving onto bigger guns like IUI and medicated cycles.

    Looking forward to meeting and talking with all of you!
    Damn it, Stephanie...Vampires do NOT sparkle!
  • lanie&vivlanie&viv Posts: 81
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    karen~ we do home insems and did not have to pay the deposit. I think if you provide your ss# and dl# you don't have to pay it!

  • PatiencePatience Posts: 5
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    Hi! I've been browsing this forum for a while now so figured I might as well introduce myself. We found out about a year ago that my husband doesn't produce any sperm. He had a varicocele repair and TESE mapping and still nothing. The decision to go with donor sperm was very hard at first but now we both feel good about it and are just trying to get me pregnant! I'm in the medical field and want to get pregnant ASAP so we decided to go straight to the RE. My bloodwork & HSG looked good so we thought an unmedicated cycle would work. After 3 failed cycles we moved on to clomid. For try #5 we did injectables...I produced 6 mature follicles...3 on each side and still BFN!!! All my cycles have been timed perfectly and triggered with great counts. I just don't understand...

    We are going to switch donors which I'm a little sad about since our donor was such a good match to my hubby but maybe that will do the trick. And we are actually going to do a couple rounds of at-home inseminations now. Not because I think that we help our chances but because I just don't have the time to be going in to the doctor's office all the time for monitoring.

    Well, that's were things are now. I've been following all of your stories and rooting for your BFPs!! I'm glad to be part of such a supportive group! :)
  • KayKay Posts: 3
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    Hi all!

    I'm Kay, and I was here a number of years ago. After time off, some moving around and a few years older, I've decided I'm ready to TTC again. I've lurked on and off for the past few months and it's been nice to see some old faces and to see the new ones! I know the first time around this board was SO supportive and kept me sane during those insane TWW!!

    My plan right now is that I'm aiming to do my first round of home AI in October of this year, hoping for a 2011 baby! I don't have a history of fertility problems and hopefully will get my sticky BFP on the first go round (a girl can hope!)!!

    Just wanted to say hi, and reintroduce myself to the boards!

  • Bailey131Bailey131 Posts: 25
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    My partner and I have been together for 4 years. We would love to add a child to our family. We are so excited to start this process. She is going to carry first and then eventually I will. We have a 1yr old puggle named Bailey and even she loves children. Wish us luck!
  • summer0611summer0611 Posts: 10
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    Hello everyone!My name is Summer. I have been reading this forum for the past couple of months and have finally decided to introduce myself. My husband and I have been together for 5 years...married for 3. We have 4 beautiful children between the two of us. About a year or so ago...thinking we didnt want anymore children...my husband had a vasectomy. Well, our mindset has changed and we both would love nothing more than another child!

    We have already registered here with NW and are really excited about TTC sometime before the end of the year. We are hoping to try in August, but if not definitely by the end of the year.

    I have really enjoyed this forum so far with all the information and support everyone shows, and I look forward to seeing everyone's BFP's!
  • MeetTheBrownsMeetTheBrowns Posts: 190
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    Hello all,

    My name is Amanda and my wife's name is Ieisha. We have been together almost 5 years and married for a little over a year. We have both always wanted children and we have been researching options pretty seriously for the past 6 months or so. I'm 26 and she is 28 so we figured we should go ahead and get started. We both want to carry, at the same time if possible. We have been monitoring her cycle for 2 months now and we will start monitoring mine as soon as I have one (I haven't had one since October of last year). I hope that we don't encounter any medical difficulties that will cause us problems TTCing. We begin our doctors appointments next month, so wish us luck:D

    I look forwared to speaking with you all soon. We also welcome any advice that anyone has to offer.

    Together since 10/28/2005, married since 03/07/2009, TTC #1 02/08/12 - BFN. TTC #2 10/9/12 - BFN. TTC #3 June 2013 - BFN
  • MegBMegB Posts: 1
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    Hi everyone! My name is Meg. I'm 29 years-old, single, live in Denver and have been TTC since April '10. I'm approaching the end of my third TWW. If it's another BFN, I'm thinking about changing donors.

    Best of luck to everyone TTC!
  • epluimepluim Posts: 1
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    Hi! I'm EPluim. We will be placing an order here soon, so I thought I'd look for some more information. My husband and I found out a couple of years ago that we had male-factor issues. After 3 rounds of IVF, we finally got pregnant only to lose the baby shortly thereafter. Needless to say, we were crushed. We took a break and adopted an 11-year-old boy We finalize next month! Now we're ready to start trying again. This time, we're going to try without doctors for a while. If you have any great experiences or tips, please, please share!
  • FlowergirlFlowergirl Posts: 2,040
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    Hi! My online name is Flowergirl and I would like to introduce myself. I have been lurking on this board for quite some time and have been happy, excited, sad and empathetic with all of you as you have been going through these last several months. I am a member of a different forum for the bank I am actually going through, but the women on there are not that supportive or responsive and if I have a question or concern, it seems like pulling hens teeth to get a response! I love the support and empathy that is shared here - it's very uplifting!

    My husband and I have been married almost 8 years and have been trying for a baby from day 1... we found out in 2004 that my husband's sperm count was very very low and his numbers all around were very poor. It was devastating for him and we continued to try on our own and even tried IUI but the numbers were too low to even do the spin. Over the years, he has warmed up to the idea of donor sperm and we are now on on 4th cycle in a row with at home ICI and Clomid. My Dr. has given me 2 more months to try and then I have to come back in for further testing.

    This forum is great - thanks to everyone for sharing their stories, tips, tricks, happiness, sadness, advice and caring! Baby dust to everyone!!!
    After 9 yrs & 1 devastating loss, we got our BFP at 9DPO ~ and welcomed our beautiful son on Halloween! Best treat ever!!

  • J&SJ&S Posts: 3
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    Hello all,
    I've been reading the boards for a week or so now, so I thought I should introduce us :-) We are Jess & Shannon, though I suspect I (Jess) will be doing most of the posting/responding on here (though Shannon gets quite a bit of "hey, read this!" and "look at this!"). We live just outside of Boston, MA; have been together for 5 years, married for 1. We've got two adorable and snuggable dogs (Jasper, a puggle, who I begrudgingly admit is a princess, and a rescue "chiweenie," Scrappy, who is the world's biggest mama's boy). We've begun to treat them like children, and have decided its definitely time to move forward with the Making A Baby Plan, taking it out of the elusive future and putting it smack dab in the here and now. The plan is for 2 kids - Shannon carrying both, her egg now, my egg later. We've narrowed it down to 2-3 potential donors and are getting ready to make contact with NW. We're gonna try ICI at home a couple of times, and if that doesn't work, then we'll take it the next step to dr. assisted IUI.

    I'm slowly picking up the lingo and the random numbers in posts are starting to make sense - though for the most part I admit I'm pretty clueless. (Shannon is a physician, and luckily has a better grasp of it). I look forward to posting/chatting/etc. with ya'll, and hopefully will get to move to the post-conception board in the not too distant future :-)

    "mom. mom. mom. mummy. mummy. mummy. maMA. maMA. maMA. maMA. mum. mum. mum. ma. ma. ma. ma.....hi." ~ Stewie Griffin
  • jenandlorijenandlori Posts: 584
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    Hello all,
    I am starting this process with my lovely wife Lori. We have been together for 3 years and are super excited to have a baby. I am 32 and my DP is 30. I have been reading the forums for a while now and thought I would finally post. We where going to start trying in November for my birthday, but now may wait till January. We are going on a huge family vacation to Playa del Carmen and I am not sure I wanna be pregnant for this trip. I do not drink that much, but the thought of an all inclusive and not using it bothers me. I will admit that the more I read all of the posts on here, I wanna try tomorrow. I am so ready to be a mom and have this burning feeling inside me to hurry up. My DP is excited either way. SHe just wants to have a baby in our life. I am tired of being the aunt!
    Baby Dallas born 11/27/13

  • BabyBugsArrivalBabyBugsArrival Posts: 523
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    Hello everyone, My name is Alayna - I am 34 and my DP Kelly is 30. I was diagnosed with PCOS in Jan 09 and have been somewhat worried ever since that becoming a parent was going to be very hard for us. I attempted AI a year ago via fresh donor sperm from a close friend, 2 unsuccessful attempts, and decided to give my body a little bit more time to become naturally regulated and healthier. I started eating more whole foods and organics, taking vitamins, exercising when possible and dropped about 30 pounds...have been having relatively regular cycles (28-34 days) for a year! YAY! We are so happy to start doing ICIs at home with the help of NW Andrology & Cryobank and can't wait to welcome our little angel into our lives. Looking forward to chatting with all of you other parents-to-be. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for this forum...thanks everyone for sharing - your photos and stories so inspiring!
  • ChinaRiverChinaRiver Posts: 138
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    I thought it was time to introduce myself. I have been lurking here for quite a long time and have gotten a lot of valuable information from reading all of your posts. I am single and nearly 39 years old :( Anyway I never met Mr. Right and I didn't want to go though life regreting that I never tried to have a child. So I skipped the marraige and the divorce and I began doing home insems. I did a total of about 7 cycles. None resulted in a BFP. I then decided to see an RE. I found one I really like. I was quite nervous being single and finding a Dr. who would agree to insem. He doesn't beieve in unnecessary tests so he started out checking projesterone. It was 5 so he did all the fertility blood work and things looked great. I went on 100 MG of Clomid with ultrasound monitoring and a trigger shot and had my 1st insem in May. When he did the insem he found that I had cervical stenosis where the cervix remains tight and it is hard to get through it so my attempts at home would not have worked. I would never have known that. That is something they find when at the point of insemination when they are trying to get through the cervix. The insem did not result in a BFP, but he did say there was an 85% success rate within 3 cycles. I am getting ready for the next insem in August. I love reading about all of you who have had success and it makes me feel hopeful. Thank you to everyone who posts and those that respond. I will try to make an effort to post from now on.
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    We are Tracy and Michael and we're very much looking forward to our first dIUI in a few weeks. Michael had a vasectomy years before we were together for various reasons, including that he wasn't tied to his genetics as the only way to have a child. Fast forward many years, our relationship, and a decision to have children and we decided back in 2008 that a reversal would be the easiest way to go as it would probably be cheaper in the long run and give us long-term control over conception using nothing but us and our own timelines.

    The VR worked, fairly, and for a fair short of time. We conceived with a very low count and motility (1 million motile in the SA immediately prior to conception), but miscarried. SAs since showed declining and then zero count.

    We contemplated another VR as well as adoption. IVF wasn't really in the cards for us. Just couldn't imagine me taking all those meds and again, genetics just wasn't all too concerning for us. So, the decision to move onto dIUI was overall pretty easy.

    Our RE did only medicated cycles and we wanted to try unmedicated/unmonitored for a while, so they referred us "to some clinic in nearby city that we think does it." It turns out they referred me to our local birth center where I have been seeing those midwives and NPs for well woman care for years! I also have worked as a doula there, and volunteered there in general office work. Couldn't be happier to be back with them!

    To make things even better, they do the IUI in the birth center itself, not the office rooms, so we'll be kicking back on the queen size bed, cuddling/in each others arms while it goes on. We are contemplating at home eventually, but figured we'd watch the professionals give it a go first.

    This past weekend we finalized our donor choices and have a healthy list to choose from for many backups should #1 not be available or not work so well after many months.

    I'm expecting AF any minute now, and generally O around cd18, so we still have a few weeks until we get to do this, and just can't wait! This is (almost) worst than the 2ww!!! My RE did a number of tests and fortunately despite my "old age" of 38 (39 next month; hoping for a miracle BFP for my birthday!), my egg supply made his jaw drop on AMH and confirmation U/S. He said that I "have the eggs of a 20-something" and we're hoping that is true! Blood levels, endometrium, everything looked great so we're very hopeful that we'll be one of the lucky ones within a few months. All we can do is wait for now.

    You can find me on fertility friend as MissTracyNC. I'm frequently on VR, MFI, IUI and donor sperm boards.

    Looking forward to "meeting" many more of you here!
    Tracy 40 and Michael 41
    Vasectomy long before "us", then a reversal in 2008
    It was barely effective, eventually went to zero and we moved onto donor IUI
    8/8/10: Single vial unmedicated IUI (donor 1855) by midwife in birth center, 42hours after +OPK, on day of ovulation...and 9ish months later, we had our wonderful daughter! Beginner's luck!
    Hoping to TTC again soon with donor 1855 if we can get additional vials
  • babydreamingbabydreaming Posts: 258
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    Hi everyone,

    I am Misty and my husband is Keith. We have had one failed IUI that was heartbreaking. We decided to take things into our own hands when during the IUI process the best day to inseminate would have been a Saturday and the doctor did not want to come in on the Saturday to do it. After spending over $4000 for something that was going to fail due to timing we decided we could do better. My husband had a vasectomy many years before we met. He thought he did not want more kids until we met 15 years after he was divorced. We just celebrated our 2 anniversary and we have been together for 4 years.

    It took a lot of searching to find a great bank that allows you to do this from home. The doctors office, while fine, took the intimate part of getting pregnant out of the equation. While doing it this way is not as 'fun' as the old fashion way, we still get to spend that intimate moment together of conceiving a child.

    I order my sperm yesterday from Donor 3263 and we will be going through the process the first week of August. My cycle has been wacky to say the least since all the fertility drugs they had me on in April. My cycle is better now so we decided it was time for us to try. I done a lot of research, read your blogs, and bought the home insemination kit they offer at NW. From what I read timing is key. Are there any tips you can give us that have given BFP's?

    All your feedback is greatly appreciated.
  • charcoaleyescharcoaleyes Posts: 864
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    Hi everyone. My husband and I are going to start this process next month with our first at-home insemination. My husband is a transgendered-man, so he does not produce any sperm and we decided to go the donor route. We had been planning to go to a RE and do IUIs, but after being concerned about a dr's availability for on time insemination, we decided to try at home. We are doing a "dry run" this month with vitex, raspberry leaf tea, and OPKs to make sure we can figure out the timing well. I have been charting for about 6 months, and my cycle is a very regular 28 days. I'm sure I'll have lots of questions as we get closer to TTC #1 and I look forward to meeting everyone. I think these boards are awesome and you can meet awesome people on these (I met my husband on an Indigo Girls board).

    I do have one question that I've been pondering: What times are best to do an OPK? I've heard 2:00 or 3:00, but how do people test while they are at work?
  • RW17RW17 Posts: 197
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    Charcoaleyes, I test at work by bringing an OPK and a tiny plastic cup in a bag. Then I close my office door to look at it 5 or 10 minutes later. LOL Then I do it again after work. Maybe that's overkill, but it depends on how reliable you really believe the tests are. Now that I'm thinking of doing an insemination BEFORE a positive OPK, I will probably do 3 tests a day for a couple of days of my cycle. You could also do a fertility monitor first thing in the morning and an OPK in the afternoon so as to cross-check data.
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    Hi everyone! My name is Mindy and I am 37 yrs. old and my DH is 39. My husband, Jeremy is a quadriplegic and is unable to have children and we could never afford to have kids through adoption or AI, then this past yr. I found out that I could do it at home for relatively cheap but it took my husband awhile to come around to the idea. Now that he is opening up to the idea of using a donor I am going to begin to calculate my ovulation, which is new to me! We are going to try sometime this winter and I cannot wait!! Good luck to everyone else out there trying :)
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    Hi, I'm Jen. I am 36 and suppose that at this point I'm SMBC. I've considered this an option since my early 20's but always hoped that some great guy would come along and I wouldn't have to go this route. Well now I am officially in my late 30's and don't want to regret not trying to have children just because the right guy never came along. It has taken me a couple of years of soul searching and planning to feel that I am finally ready to jump in with both feet.

    I just started my cycle and doing BBT charting. I've got a couple of OPK's in the wings and hope that by September I will have a good enough handle on my O cycle that I can do my first home insem with frozen sperm.

    Feeling pretty hopeful after reading through some of the posts on here. Would love any advice. Good luck to everyone.
  • waiting4babywaiting4baby Posts: 2
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    Hi Everyone! I am a 26 year old mother of one, conceived through IVF. I have tried to have another baby since December 2007. I have had many disappointments and a miscarriage. I have tried a different donor site, tried AI once at home with him and IUI at the dr office 6 times and nothing. I have also tried IVF and FET's with DH sperm and no luck. So we have decided to try this site and to try another AI at home, without DR "help" and with a different donor all together.
    We plan to do the AI in October. We have our fingers crossed and pray that we can give our little girl, a sibling. She has been our blessing and hope to have more. :)
  • waiting4babywaiting4baby Posts: 2
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    We are doing this AI all on our own, so I really never had to track anything other than LH kits. Can anyone assist in how and what to look for? Any and all replies will help!
  • onmyownonmyown Posts: 300
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    I am a 34 year old single woman, who has decided not to wait around for Mr. Right. I do not want to miss out on motherhood, simply for want of having a man in my life! I am planning my first at home attempt in less than two weeks! My sixteen year (and counting!) career has involved caring for and teaching other people's children---It's beyond time for my own! My primary goal is to be a fantastic mother, and if Prince Charming shows up in the meantime, great! If not, my life will still be complete!
  • tabbytabby Posts: 1
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    I'm 29, a recent widow.. Husband passed away may.29th/2010 (was married for 9yrs) with five young children age range:6yrs-6months, i'm from ohio and i'd like to have one more baby before i turn 30. Don't want to try & find someone right now i'd rather be on my own for the time being. I found NW & it was exactly what i was looking for.
  • babymakers_2010babymakers_2010 Posts: 2
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    Hello :) We are Brittney and Alana. We live in SD but plan to move to CA (Bay Area) soon as that is where Alana's from. We have 3 children (7,6 and 5), all from my (Britts) previous relationship. We are ready to expand our family by 10 more little toes :) Alana will be carrying as she wants to experience having a baby and I had my tubes tied after my youngest. I have been lurking on here for a few months now and still am trying to get the hang of all the terms. Alana is very in tune with her cycles and we plan on giving it our first try next month.
    Wondering if anyone has advice on insemination timing after +OPK? I've read lots of posts but still don't quite understand how to go about it. We are planning on an at home insemination.
  • Beth81392Beth81392 Posts: 486
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    Hi all,

    I am Beth. I am 31 and an SMBC to a beautiful and brilliant 3.75 year old. I am hoping to start TTCing #2 in the next few months. I live in South East NC and teach. I was wondering if it was allowed to ask about specific donor #s on this board. I am not looking to find siblings, just trying to get a feel for success rates.

    Words cannot even begin to describe how much I love these kids
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